Thursday, August 14, 2014

POP: Elsa

I've always adored POPs. I have a couple of them actually but none I have ever decided to get a good glance on my blog! But when the Snow Queen arrived in my possession, well... it's time to look at it. The box is how we'll start and again, cute. Like my other POPs, she can be displayed inside, but I don't. The back shows the other Frozen characters available, but I think I'll stick with Elsa.

The gigantic head is the charm. One thing I wish they did was make her eyes blue or something, but I suppose that would break canon on what POP is about. So let's just do a quick 360 with her and move along.

The braided hair is done awesome. Again it broke canon by NOT being on her left shoulder! Okay that's more of a joke but anyone notice that Elsa's braid just magically came back on her left shoulder?

The icy blue cape and the snowflake on her hand is a magnificent touch!

All in all, there isn't much to a POP to truly scrutinize, but it is an Elsa paraphernalia and I'm pretty elated to have her! She'll be sharing space with Infinity Elsa and Asuka(I'm sure the EVA unit 2 pilot isn't very happy about that). 

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