Friday, August 15, 2014

ML Mandroid BAF: Black Widow

The elusive Natasha Romanov finally in my possession for what seems like ages ago since I last posted about the last piece of the Mandroid BAF(Captain America movie version)! It was a hunt that was fruitless for a little while and to beat the scalpers, one must just adhere to the 'waiting game'. So here we are now with the Black Widow Hasbro Legend! The cost was just a little below retail price so I'd say it was well worth it! So is she worth all of that craziness?! Let's find out!

Hasbro box! Nothing new here and this is a pretty older set up box so we should all be familiar with this! Time to scrutinize the details of this figure!

Okay so this figure is pretty good. Hasbro did a magnificent job with the mold making her damn sexy. The Widow costume is pretty movie accurate from what I have seen in the Winter Soldier previews but it can do a good pass for Avengers. It doesn't have a whole lot of paint details to go with it, but it is a grey and black figure that truly represents Natasha's costume in the movies. The face is pretty good for a female character; both faces(I'll get into that in the next section). I'm pretty pleased with this figure except for one gripe that probably brings this figure down a notch: molded guns on her hips equals SHE COMES WITH NO FIREARMS!

These are her accessories! She comes with the biggest part of the Mandroid BAF which is the upper body and the turret on its shoulder. The alternate pair of hands is welcome as well as the Avengers variant head... though as I mentioned, she came with no guns! NONE. I mean come on! It's Black Widow! Her main weapon in the movies are two pistols! What the heck?! What was Hasbro thinking?! For being so elusive and costing so damn much, she should've came with guns! Where did the silver dual pistols come from? It's from the Captain Steve Rogers figure from the Terrax BAF! He isn't on display so it fits her. Alright enough venting on that. Let's look at the variant heads.

I wouldn't go as far and saying that it is an uncanny resemblance to Scarlett, but I will say it's a good face for a female figure. Hasbro(and even Toybiz) has had a hard time making their females look attracting more often than not but the two faces seem to have a good enough attractiveness to them! Surprisingly, I like the short hair version better than the long haired one.

Articulation is pretty standard though I do have some qualms with it and depending on which head one chooses to pose Natasha with, the hair can hinder. I'd say for more head rotation, the short one seems to be the better choice. Alternate hands lack the wrist joint, but not a big deal. Legs are what I have problems with and this isn't necessarily a perverted thought: she can't spread her legs wide enough for a split! Now why is that full of libido? Anyways, Natasha is agile, flexible, and nimble! The splits should be possible with her but the way the lower part is molded deters that. Oh well. She's also a bit difficult to stand due to her small feet and that ankle pivot is a killer; she has peg holes on the bottom of her feet so very possible to use some kind of stand.

That's as far as she can do the split. I know, what an odd notion to complain about. Nothing incredibly earth shattering with her articulation, but it doesn't necessarily fail.

So the elusive Natasha Romanov worth the price of way back when with scalper prices? No. For that much, it should be on the same caliber as a figma figure then with great articulation, accessories(trademark weapons that aren't sculpted!), more variant hands, and better looking face! She is a standard Hasbro toy and I can't believe we are reaching the stage of collecting where we have to endure the jerks of this genre with their hunting, scalping, and inflated prices. All in all, she is a good figure for her standard price. She is a must for any Avenger, Legend, Marvel, and femme fatale fans for ANY reason. Some few months later, I can say that Mandroid is complete and his review will finally come! 

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