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Marvel Legends BAF: Mandroid

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Well after some months of hiatus from collecting BAFs, here I am with the Winter Soldier infinite series: Mandroid. It's Black Widow's fault why this unknown character from the comics wasn't completed earlier(or the scalpers' fault). So who is this guy? I had a misconception on who it is so I won't delve into that. Making a BAF like this who is not well known, I would assume that they put him in the movie or something, but I heard he wasn't. Which is kind of odd. I'm not even sure if Mandroid has made an appearance in comic books as of late but give him a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo and we have ourselves a movie BAF, right?!

To jump right into the figure, it's pretty obvious that the limbs are borrowed from none other than Iron Monger from the Iron Man 3 BAF wave. Repainted and some accessories sculpted in, the arms with the close fists are easily distinguishable along with his leg. Not going to say it's a bad choice since the Iron Monger is a robot indeed, but why this guy anyways/ I just don't get this BAF for a hard hitting movie like Winter Soldier.... though moving on, there are some things to enjoy in this figure, and the paint detail(or lack of) is not one of them. The molded in weapons on both arms, the turrets, all fresh and new addition to a recycled limb. The new torso and head is okay, but not bad.

Sentinel BAF
Mandroid still falls short in the size comparison with my last BAF completed which is Sentinel. Until I own Fin Fang Foom(Hasbro's giant BAF), I don't think I can say that any of Hasbro's BAFs can ever match up to some of Toybiz's Legends. I won't get into the smaller BAFs, but man, Mandroid is not a small average figure but to put him next to Sentinel....

Articulation wise, he has the same as Iron Monger(surprise!). His joints are slightly more warmed up so he can move quite easily compared to his limb-lendor predecessor! But just like the blue monger before him, he lacks a bit more than he should for his size.

Though some of the lack of movement can be forgiven with his added weapons. Unlike Iron Monger who had closed fists and truly had to have fire power insinuated, Mandroid can at least show 'action' shots with his attached weapons, right?

No seriously, he can be just like another War Machine who have had too much doughnuts for his own good, right?

Between the two, I still like Iron Monger better since he just has a bit more story to him that I know of. He made sense to be a BAF because he was one of Stark's main rivals until Ezekiel took over his father's mantle. Monger's coloring is also far superior in my opinion despite it not being amazing.

So there he is in the background somewhere in my Villain Shelf 1 along with Monger, U. Goblin, Modok, and other villains.... I know I have talked a lot of nonsense about this BAF because I really don't have a big wow factor in regards to him. I don't understand why it was him that was the BAF, but I suppose for the sake of saying I completed another BAF he was well worth it. For the figures that came to build his set, yes he was worth it. If the figures were different, I'd say he isn't worth it. 

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