Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ML Mandroid: Captain Steve Rogers(Movie Captain America)

I honestly did not think that they would bring this very recent Captain America costume into mainstream for a while, or at all, but here we are with the Captain Steve Rogers with the new Winter Soldier Movie and of course with a main costume in the big screen, here we are with a Hasbro Marvel Legend of him! This one is another under dog, and I'll tell you why as soon as we go over the norm procedure.

Part of wave 2 for this BAF set. The only one that remains is going to be Black Widow and as always, she will be an elusive one, figures right?

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't' sure if I was going to like this costume on the main screen because, well I was never a big fan of a lot of Cap's alternate costumes. Heck, I was never that big of a fan of his classic outfit for obvious reasons. Regardless, I'm still going to say that this is my favorite costume of a Marvel hero, but I will say as an action figure, they did an immaculate job with the details. The sculpt of the wrinkles, the costume straps, the star on his chest, the pain choice and the paint details(still lacking some shading), and then of course I believe that this is a new mold. The shield is also new and I believe it's based of the Secret War(the recent one) shield that Captain America used; a stealth based shield more or less. A clandestine operation to assassinate Latveria's female leader wouldn't be done best with a flashing American flag.

Again, the shield is a bit more a darker color so that's a good change in all the Captain America based figures I have. Of course he has a Mandroid leg and a pair of alternate hands and a head. Pretty decent generosity in terms of alternates; still wish we were provided with a fire arm since the movie Captain America actually carries firearms.

Personally, I think he looks like Chris Evans with the no mask alternate but I've had more than enough voice their opinions that he doesn't. The helmet/mask version is better anyways so I'll be displaying him with that one more often than not. Though refute the fact that it's a good Chris Evans face or not, it is still a good candidate for a comic book Steve Rogers regardless.

He has great articulation and very tight joints as well! I'm more than convinced that this is a brand new body mold so for them to have another option for male figures and the articulation offers what we expect/want then we can say I am more than happy to have it! Though with every reward given there is always something to scrutinize, unfortunately.

Going back to details, the back of the shield isn't the norm 'snap on' wrist latch. This new shield(biggest shield in a Captain America figure up to date) also has a bit more detail that concurs with how a shield would be held with the leather straps or what not. However with that great detail also comes great downfall: in order for one to actually put the shield in his hand one must take out the hand, slip the shield through his arm and plug the hand back. Easy feat if we are talking about figmas, but with Hasbro's taut and not as seamless alternate swaps, it's a bit more of a task than I would want. That and this shield offers no way for Rogers to hold it behind him and as the picture shown above(collage picture), there isn't even a hole on his back to put ANY shield in; suffice to say, he wasn't meant to hold this shield behind him to begin with. Sucks, but again, I would've displayed him with the shield on his hand anyways.

With the minor qualms I have with this figure, it still makes it a much better version than his previous Captain Steve Rogers toy from the Terrax BAF. A better articulate figure, better mold, better face, and the color scheme brings a new breath of air. Though the comic version comes with two fire arms so… yeah.

As I mentioned, definitely another under dog figure from this wave. I didn't even expect to like this as much as I do but being surprised in a good way is always a plus. Is he a must have? For you movie going collectors, definitely. I for one wouldn't have thought he was this great of a figure if I didn't have the 'complete the set' mentality. If anything else, it gives a new mold for the future! 

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  1. Hopefully the movie can live up to the hype. These two figures continue the positive hype leading up to the film for sure. I love the look and feel of things so far. I do agree though, that red gun on the winter soldier is the one thing that seems out of place but all in all I like both figures. And I must say the details of your pics are fabulous. Its almost like the actual figure is sitting in front of me when I read the blog. Great stuff!