Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ML Jubilee BAF: Magneto

Another piece of the puzzle and I just want to say, this is my second least favorite out of them. It might not be the figure's fault entirely since I haven't liked this costume since the animated series way back when so to have it in modern times and put it as a figure with very little to no fun factor... well, we have a perfect mix of 'bad figure' in my opinion. So, let's move on.

Yes! Toys R US exclusive! Toys R Us, you suck on your online endeavors! Please try harder next time to appeal to your customers! Thank you! Figure time.

Cape. Costume. Helmet. So much things going against this figure so let's start with the cape. There will come a time when Marvel Legends will have to make a better effort with their figures' cape! In other words, MAKE THEM CLOTH! Stryfe was decent with his since it didn't get in the way but Magneto over here... hard to do anything. It's not  badly sculpted but placed rather closely, hindering a lot of poses. The helmet... well if it came off that would've been an okay perk but it doesn't. It's molded in there and it's not that great really. Costume wise, well the costume isn't that great to me as I have said. The current Magneto costume is much more appealing to me:

Though what's up with all those pouches and sleeveless costume these days? Moving on to the accessory!

It's a BAF piece. A small one. No affects? No stand? No alternate head? Variant hands? No. Just a small arm that belongs to Jubilee. Not much to say.

I can't even say his articulation is decent because of the cape. I can't even say that he can stand well because of the cape. He has the modern articulations as it is, but that cape! The stand I am using belongs to Toybiz and even the 'affect' he uses in the first picture is Jubilee's! Yeah... not much about this guy to truly redeem really.

All in all, I bought this figure because of the BAF piece. I knew there wasn't going to be much for him to offer so I just car in thinking he wasn't going to be great and I came out thinking that it was an atrocious step back for modern figures. I might be exaggerating but the figure didn't have good points to begin with because I am not a number one Magneto fan and his costume I despise. So with that said...

Let it go. LET IT GOOOOO!!! Seriously. It looks like he is doing that! 

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