Saturday, August 23, 2014

ML Jubilee BAF: Storm

If Magneto and Cyclops of this wave was the disappointment, Storm would be the highlight of the X-Men Jubilee BAF! There is a lot to like about this figure and I can see why she is one of the most wanted Hasbro figure there is! So let's talk about this then.

Right off the get go, one can truly see that there is something amazing about this figure that shows that Hasbro can deliver good figures if there is some effort put into it. At any rate, let's move on.

Hasbro has been on a role with their female figures that I have bought(Still interested in Moonstone and Satanna) because of their molds, their faces, and of course the fact that they are coming out with more female figures is something! Though there is one thing different about Storm that I haven't seen Hasbro pull off before: cape. Now yes, Hasbro has done caped characters before and I have some in this wave as well but the one thing great about Storm is that she doesn't have a statue cape; it's made out of some kind of nylon material. Not sure why they just chose Storm to have this feature. Maybe it's the distinguishable cape? The rest of the figure is amazing as well. The paint job isn't stellar as Hasbro(something consistent with Hasbro), but the face of Storm is amazing, the hair detail is superb, and they picked a good costume.

Accessory wise we are still lacking. Again something Hasbro needs improvement on. But Storm does come supplied with Jubilee's 'largest' and/or most of her body. Does it really bother Hasbro to ADD special affects? Lightning affects would be amazing on Storm.... honestly.

If we are going to scrutinize articulation, it's pretty much just being redundant because it's a standard feature that Hasbro has displayed before. She was really fun to pose thought because she is just above average amazing. Again with the lack of special affects there are a lot of things taken away but we're use to that. The one thing detrimental about the cape I love so much is that articulating it to flying posing is a bit harder to make it look convincing since it is VERY flimsy. Maybe bending wires inside the cape would've helped, but again, just like special affects, that would be TOO much work for Hasbro to implement to give far more quality figures. With how much they are inflating the figures, it shouldn't be a problem....

"Storm, Mistress of the Elements! Commands you to release that child!"
One of these days, Hasbro has to up their game to truly start appealing more of their buyers. I know I sound redundant and I may be a bit of a whiner but one can't help but have qualms with missing stands, no special affect, and less than impressive BAFs.

All in all, she is probably my favorite figure of the wave. Again Hasbro has been on the roll when it comes to their female figures so I can't truly complain about her. I've already pointed out what Hasbro needs to do to have a pretty immaculate figure, but as of right now, this is what we can say they have. Very happy to have her though; VERY pleased that they chose this costume. For sure the funnest figure to pose out of all the other figures for sure! So with that said, it's time for the BAF herself then!

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  1. Well out of all the x-men storm has always owned a special place to me simply because in essence her powers are to control the weather and since I have always been fascinated by the weather I will gravitate towards appreciating her talents. Nice to see a well done figure of her that shows a bit more effort then just a generic piece. I am in agreement that it would be nice to have some kind of effect to her, she seems slightly lacking with just the pose but other then that she looks really good. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the insight on all these BAF figures even if I don't end up commenting on every single one of them. Keep up the good work friend. Your camera really does show off the details and qualities of these figures really well along with as always your in depth remarks on them. =)