Thursday, March 6, 2014

ML Mandroid BAF: Red Skull

Here comes the wave of the Mandroid BAF. I know! I mentioned in the past that I wasn't that interested in completing this wave but, here I am with one of the four that I recently purchased. I'm only missing one now so… here we go!

Here's the new standard Hasbro box of our Marvel Legends renamed: Infinite Series. Of course I completed the Amazing Spider-Man wave and the Winter Soldier being the next movie for Marvel Studios to come out, the Legends here sure delivers a few Captain America goodies. Of course the alternate is an Agent of Hyrda and the Hydra guys are the ones that are flying off the shelves. Collectors are trying to army build and truthfully, I could care less about the Hyrda guys. Moving on to Red Skull then.

I like the details with this guy as much as I am not fond of this mold. Even without owning Nick Fury and the Punisher Hasbro Legend, it's pretty obvious that they share the same mold. This is more or less a casual Red Skull rather than the leader/tyrant visage he puts up with his usual other trench coat. With that said, the skull is amazing both in paint and sculpt. The Hyrda logo on his shoulders bodes well and everything else is pretty decent despite me not being a big fan of his mold.

He actually comes with a decent amount of accessories along with the Madroid left arm piece. The most fan service and accurate accessory has got to be the Tesseract(cosmic cube for you long time comic fans; also insinuated in the movie line that it's an infinity stone). The guns… well what to say about these guns? Let's just put it this way, Hasbro took the path of radical thinking when giving some of the characters in this wave weapons! I mean, Red Skull… red gun. It makes perfect sense! I don't even know what to say about the other gun.

Just to talk about his accessory let's observe this picture above! Look at that intimidating red gun! Watch out! Oh if you guys ever find this in the lost and found you know whose gun it is.

And that is his laser gun! I don't know what the heck to say about this gun because it's science fiction based… and I have no qualms with science fiction based guns but… it's odd.

Articulation wise, he doesn't exceed in that notion either. He is really stiff and there are too many hinderance in his mold that deters good dynamic poses. I'm not expecting the Red Skull to be doing moves like Taskmaster now, but the mold doesn't make certain Red Skull themed poses seem natural! I am left with some gun pointing action and 'let me show you my cube' pose for crying out loud!

In conclusion, I've said a lot of things that makes it seem that I abhor this figure and honestly, it's not my favorite. With that said though, this is my first Red Skull figure and the other Toybiz versions of him don't appeal to me. Like many of my other figures, he is aesthetically good enough and he is a BAF piece so I suppose if one is really adamant about Mandroid, he is a must. Other than that, not much to say about this figure except it's almost below mediocre. 

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