Sunday, November 23, 2014

Damsel of the Month:

Drawn by: Polarityplus / Commissioned by: Cerebrus873

Name: Kara Zor EL

Series: Supergirl; Supergirl the New 52

Some Words: Happy thanksgiving month then! So now we are going to be grateful that we have dear Kara to flaunter herself into some awesome bondage scenes just for us! But before we get into that wonderful section which I'm all everyone is all into with these entries, let us just say that Supergirl is probably the reason I still pay attention to Superman these days; I literally wait to see what his cousin is up to with her red cape and flouncing blue skirt(by the way, blue, red, or white undies?!). Suffice to say, she is a beauty and I am indeed thankful to have her in my lore of favorites and a much worthy damsel candidate. Speaking of which... let's go look at some of her failed endeavors as of late, huh?

Kamina1978(page no longer active)
As I had already mentioned, Supergirl is Superman's cousin and while her story isn't 100% accurate on me, I do know that she had a lot of incarnations prior to the one I am putting into this month's roster. She had a lot of identities before and I personally got attached to Kara more than any one of the past. Must be the skirt... and according to Kamina, she wears red undies!

The link on the picture
As a Superman related character, Kara is weak to the usual, though I think she has a higher resistance to kryptonite than Clark does. Not sure... there are more than enough debates and comic book geeks that Supergirl is STRONGER than Superman himself it's just that Clark has more experience in the gig and more mature. Being a feisty teenager does give her the edge of less inhibition thus probably making her more straight on than Superman... but the downside to that... or perhaps the good thing is that she may not think things through and lead herself into some situations that she might not be too used to considering the powers she possesses. She'll just be the perfect damsel for the situation with that fiery-defiant kind of attitude! Oh and that naiveness is also really cute to stir about with her teenage spirit!

I'm not 100% knoweldgeable on the whole kryptonite and the five colors that just joined the palette but... I know green rocks weaken her and Supes so I think it looks right for her to have green ropes. Though the green Kryptonite might burn through her skin or something like that. I don't know. Oh according to this picture, she wears red underwear. My personal favorite color she should be wearing in her lingerie.

The red skirt variant gets the baby blue undies. Of course Darkseid is denied.

And Captive 2D agrees that she has blue undies but look great with a white gag and green ropes(kryptonite). It will always be up to debate on her undies... I'm sure it changes on her mood or what is clean or what not but one thing is for sure! There are different versions of Kara herself that adheres to the idea of alternate universe!

 Super girl appeared in the animated series in a MUCH different costume than the other ones I will be showing in this post(and yes, I'll be using some pictures I have used in the Batgirl month post). Unlike her fellow damsel in distress Batgirl, Supergirl's costume went through a distinct change in her wardrobe. While still sporting the short skirt and the boots... Kara decided to stray a bit more away from the classic red and blue dominant look and gave herself a shorter cape that matches the short skirt. Not TOO sure if I would say I approve of the look, but one can't complain when Kara herself is just darn pretty!

And once again, sharing the spotlight aren't you, Barbara?

Though little by little, the animated look made it to comic books.


But of course between the two costumes, I like her comic book version better.

Then comes the New 52 series and Supergirl got a modified costume as well(The picture above is an official art while the one on the right I can't remember where I got it from so if anyone can provide the link, it will be great so I can credit the artist). Truth to be told, I'm not the biggest fan of this costume. The tried tailoring to the people who were complaining about the hott girl in skirt and the fan service people... so we get this. She no longer wears a skirt that doesn't make sense, but she also has as much skin on her legs as possible... what? They cut her hair short which isn't a big plus since I really liked her long hair... though one thing I really like in terms of change is her cape design on the collar. Honestly thought, if they were going to give her a sexier costume, I think they should've stayed with the skirt; and what the heck is up with those open knee boots?! Still, the fact that she was bound up by Wonder Woman with the magic lasso is kind of ironic.

Though her outfit still looks delicious; just not my favorite out of the bunch.

Well there are a few random misc costumes of Kara that I am not sure how they came to be. The full blue top with no mid drift then the red v.s. the blue skirt.... oh Batman saw Supergirl's pink panties.

And 'Supergal' is probably a way for someone to do sexy art of these gals without getting copy infringement I bet. Artist is Dr.Villain.

All in all, the original is still my favorite and I have a plethora of art I'm just going to put in here just cause Kara looks good in her original costume with some ropes.
Okay so it wasn't all ropes now was it? But here we are with some more amazing things! 

Don't remember the artist for this, but I liked the gloom in this one.
Michael Powell art
Sharing the spotlight with other lovely ladies like Wonder Woman. By: italoabreu
On a final note, Supergirl is definitely perfect for this kind of thing. Powerful but feisty, immature but full of heart and not to mention, she's hott. Thankful that DC made a character like her since her male counter part isn't to my liking. That and... Kara is... hott. I did mention that more than once. Oh and as a last treat....

Captured by a lover is one thing BUT...

Blackprof's work and WHITE panties
To be captured by a fellow damsel Spider-Woman too? And being wrapped up nice and neat as a turkey?! NICE! Happy thanksgiving you all!


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