Thursday, December 13, 2012

Damsel Of The Month:

Name: Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince

Game/Series: DC Comics; Justice League

Some Words:

She is the first Icon of Super Heroines in the Comic Book Medium and for the most part, it's safe to say that she paved the way for the road for female icons like Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Batgirl, etc. etc(and to this subject, she sure gave a way for Empowered, didn't she?). Her appearance way back when WWII was a looming subject but her stars and stripes outfit implemented that she was going to be the answer for icons like Captain America and Superman alike. Strength that almost matches Superman, equipped by some rather helpful talismans from the gods, personality that is full of valor and justice, and beauty that mirrors the gods' visage, Wonder Woman has been with DC for ages and remains to be one of the most prominent female leads in the Justice League. But to the D.I.D community, her popularity is inextricably bound to another rather constricting section of her history. Let me ease you in to the notion in case you didn't know, she was involved in a myriad of bondage innuendos!!!

Now I'm not going to go in great detail in regards to her history, but let me just be perfectly clear that Wonder Woman is NO stranger to bondage AT ALL. In fact, her original creator(William_Moulton_Marston) was highly enamored  with the idea of bondage that his super gal CONSTANTLY found herself in rather perilous situations. In fact, Wonder Woman's theme was damn near bondage, page after page, comic after comic it would seem. I mean after all, her weakness (her kryptonite) happens to be the gesture of having a man chain her up. Yes, for those of you who aren't familiar with that, when a man chains her hands together, all of her super strength or what not would be nullified and she would rendered helpless like any other human being. How strange, isn't it? Strange for some, but for those who are into this theme, well it's rather gratifying in it's own right.

Another weakness that she seems to have is that when bound by her own magic lasso, she is unable to break them. Then again, it is an indestructible gift from the gods so it makes sense. It's also said that the said lasso would bind someone and whoever holds it can compel the one that is bound to do practically anything and everything. Yeah, that's not a insinuation of the rapport between Domm and Sub. So while we are at it, why don't we proliferate the evidence of her enthusiasm (or her artists and writers) for being bound and helpless!!!


I believe this would be put in the silver age of comics.


Now this is nostalgia!

Before The New 52
The New 52!!!
And to be completely honest with you, there are a myriad of choices out there in the web and probably within my own desktop to CLEARLY point out the idea that Wonder Woman is indeed a damsel noteworthy of a month. And not to delve into my enthusiasm of being a comic book geek, I will say she is also one of those Heroines that are interesting to her own right, but at times could be just another variation of the patriotic Super Heroes out there who cajoles men with her luscious self. But, in the grand scheme of things, she is after all a perfect present under the tree since she did allow herself to be gift wrapped so often (Official art and fan art alike!), didn't she?  

Now she ain't getting out for sure! Another great art by ReneMicheletti

Welps. Happy Holidays everyone for that matter!!!

She's missing bondage already.


A Ton of other additions! Some have no links since I can't seem to track down their creators. Please help me if link them if you have info.



And some classics....



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