Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ML Thanos BAF: Captain America (AoU)

The Age of Ultron craze keeps coming in! So with the last of the Cinematic figure from this wave is Captain America, played by Chris Evans once again! For those of you who are Captain America fans, Age of Ultron did not fall short of Captain America amazingness! As for the figure itself, well, let's review him shall we?

That shield looks huge!

Right off the get go, I immediately saw the repaint version of the Winter Soldier outfit from the Mandroid BAF. But I do have to say that the contrast of paint compared to the 'darker' stealth costume definitely almost makes it seem like a different figure altogether! Definitely mirrors Captain America's appearance in the movie and this mold was always a favorite of mine in terms of durability feel and just how much things are sculpted in him. The shield still still mars the potential fun factor of this figure(and the Stealth Suit Captain America that came before) since it's too big for him. That and I'm not a big fan of the way one has to do to put the shield in his arms. Still, a good looking figure aesthetically.

He does come with a mask-less variant head and pretty much the same alternate hands as the Stealth Suit Cap. Of course there goes the Thanos leg and the gargantuan vibranium shield. Not too much to look in here.

While he slightly resembles Chris Evans, it's still a good Steve Rogers head. I do like it better than the masked version so it's going to be pretty obvious that I preferred mask-less Cap. Besides, most of my Captain America figures have a mask/helmet on so this one is a change.

The articulation is nothing to get exuberant about because it's very familiar. It is the same mold as the Stealth Cap and Bucky Cap. He has all the proper articulation that everyone loves and wants. Suffice to say, this Cap can get into a bunch of pose that one can really expect. Again I'm not fond of that shield and I think it hinders a few great poses since it is so huge. And he doesn't use a gun in the movie, so it makes sense that he doesn't have one here. Though I would like it if he does have one.

Standing side by side with his First Avenger and Winter Soldier outfit, I have to say that it's quite a treat to see his costume changes. I don't have his Avenger uniform and I have to say, seeing his Age of Ultron suit, I don't think I can stand the mundane designs of that one. Though it could be considered 'classic' since it's his first cinematic appearance in a 'modern' costume with the rest of the crew.

If I was to pick one Captain America movie figure, I'd probably pick this one. He comes from an awesome set, and I happen to really like his outfit. All in all, I think this figure would be worth it. As a casual fan of Captain America, I hate the notion that my Caps are pushing the space to the limit... but hey, Captain America is probably the shining glory of Marvel. Can't have Marvel without this guy.

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