Thursday, May 7, 2015

ML Thanos BAF: Spider-Woman

This is the jewel of the whole set in my opinion. As an avid fan of Jessica Drew, I have to say that I have been waiting for an updated Legends of Spider-Woman for a long time. Without even going right in the review, I'm going to say that she is beautiful; fallible, but a very sensational figure. It is what Hasbro can provide and I'm not completely surprised that it is what it is. So, let's get right into the review starting with the box.

While there is nothing really new about this box, I do want to truly say that she just looks damn good. I have two Spider-Woman, one will remain in the box and the other to pose freely. Still possibly looking to get another one. Oh, and the side art is just arousing to say the least. Then again, it is Spider-Woman! Anything with her is delightful!

From the first time I saw this figure, I already knew that I was going to fall in love with it! Though the first images doesn't really do it justice. In fact, the first image I saw made her look rather awkward and clunky. Usually first release pictures don't really spend the time to flare up the figure's redeeming qualities and Spider-Woman was no exception. While I will scrutinize and explore this figure's let downs, I will greatly highlight what makes this figure probably a good runner up for Legends of the year(aside from the fact that it's Spider-Woman). So right off the get go, the "Moonstone/Ms. Marvel" mold is fitting for Jessica. Ms. Drew had always had that voluptuous and sexy body to her that using that mold is reasonable. Though I did wish they use a unique one for Spider-Woman, but that's me being super biased. The face is great with the red lips being luscious and the hair a decent sculpt(hindering, but we'll talk about that later). The paint job, well, one can't help but know that it's the Original, first, and the best(sorry Spider-Gwen) Spider-Woman.

Since Spider-Woman is one of the two femme fatale that can be bought to acquire Thanos's left arm and head, it's pretty obvious that we've seen this BAF piece before. Though it's a pretty easy bet who I would've bought if I had to pick between her and Hellcat! Accessory wise, Spider-Woman comes with a 'folded' wings alternative rather than the usual 'extended' wings. As a normal complaint I have, variant hands and venom blasts affect would have made this figure close to perfect. The 'open hands' prevents some fisticuff dynamic poses, and without some blasting affects, the figure falls short on some really authentic pose. Also, a variant unmasked head would have been nice. Or how about be super creative hasbro and do a Vernanke head variant?! But that would be too much thinking, wouldn't it?

Articulation department is where this figure really falls short. This mold is not very good with the more agile characters and Jessica being able to do whatever a spider can, it's kind of disappointing that her recent beautiful figure is unable to replicate her comic book moves. The figure suffers from the beautiful mold of her hair. Hasbro has yet to even consider a pliable and less restricting material for the hair. She can't look up very much which means there goes some flying pose or crawling pose(dare to replicate the Milaro cover? Wait someone else did). Her legs are highly hindered by the mold; not trying to be a perve but she can't spread her legs and do some of the things Spider-Woman can like this:

Bishoujo Spider-Woman
Amongst other things that this figure can't replicate but that is a 'classic' Spider-entity pose right there! Then of course the lack of variation for the hands truly takes away from what this figure can really do, doesn't it? Truly tempted to commission a few things about the figure to give it more 'flare'. She would be my first commission if I did that, and rightfully so.

But articulation aside, I can't really grip too much since the last Spider-Woman legends that we received from Toybiz is truly out dated and lacking any real flare as Jessica. She was really all bones and with heels on. The hands were huge and I bet if she wasn't wearing a mask, she would fall into what Toybiz was lacking: making good looking women. Though she did have the better articulation to than the two... almost to the fault actually. Just aesthetics alone I'd say Hasbro wins.

Here she is next to the Amazing Spider-Man:

The two Spiders of the Marvel Universe who have very little to nothing to do with each other. Though when they team up, I often think it's a cool thing since Spider-Man and Spider-Woman are still high in my list of favorite Marvel Characters. Like this cover:

So at any rate, I think I've spent a lot time with this figure. I truly wanted to get the most out of the figure I was waiting for the most. I mean, it's Spider-Woman! Hasbro has been on the role with making good looking 6' in Legends for a while! This one was well deserved!

In conclusion, there are plenty of let downs. Articulation and the lack of variation(hands, head) just dilutes what this could have been. But I wasn't surprised and I'm not overly disappointed. In the grand scheme of things, it's still a great Spider-Woman figure and again, if ever I was to make a commission with figures, it would be with this one. All in all, I think she is a must for anyone just collecting Avengers, those in need of completing their Spider-Verse, and of course to finish Thanos you should pick her. The better figure between her and Hellcat. If you are a Spider-Woman fan, she's a must. I'll tell you that she isn't perfect, but she's a hell of a lot closer than her toy biz version! But all in all, Thank You Hasbro for bringing me this figure! 

(Please X-23, Domino, and NEW Psylcoke in the making please?)

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