Saturday, March 15, 2014

Figma Prospects

I've been looking for a good Mark VII figure for a long while now. I was probably going towards imports but Revoltech didn't do the trick. I was hoping for a while that Figma would produce an Iron Man, got my wish!

The model looks promising and we all know how Figma is with their attention to details. Articulation will be on point and of course the accessories will be in abundance! The only concern is that the Amazing Spider-Man figure didn't bode so well with a huge knee joint so hopefully this one doesn't suffer from that debacle(so far so good anyways). The next one on sight is fa character from an anime that I just recently got enamored with: Attack on Titan. Seems only logical that Figma jumped on board with making Mikasa Ackerman's figure that is also a must for me:

This one also pays attention to details it would seem! That 3D apparatus looks very accurate to the anime and also very intricate! It's fantastic! Everything with her seems pretty accurate as well with the scarf, the cloak, and just about everything else! She is a must in my collection! These two are a must actually!

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