Sunday, March 16, 2014

Top 10's

Video Game gals - Playable or non playable, gameplay or personality, and there myriad of other reasons I can't all list makes these ladies part of my top 10 for the video game world. 
Anime gals - Admittedly, I don't watch a whole hell of a lot of anime anymore and the ones I do are pretty recent and the ones I do still has some pretty memorable femme fatales.
Comic Book Gals - Both Marvel and DC have a pretty good roster of femme fatales. These are the gals that made it to my favorite list!

So that's it! My … Harem favorites I suppose! This might get updated in the future or maybe not, but so far, these are my favorite female characters! Now there are a lot others who fit in this list and it was a hard battle on who would actually be on the list(especially in the video game section), but I based it a lot on who I think of the most and of course just how how hott they are. Yes, I was being vain, more or less. But… one more recognition since I didn't know where to put her…

So that's it for now! 

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