Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Damsel of the Month:

Name: Elsa of Arendelle

Series/Movie: Frozen/ Frozen Fever


Some Words: I highly doubt Queen Else of Arendelle needs any proper introductions. Frozen is a freaking juggernaut and Disney is doing everything that they can to capitalize on this phenomenon. Elsa, being the deuteragonist did nothing to melt her crown for being one of the most popular Disney character ever! For me, Elsa is actually the most interesting character in that movie(which I don't think is worth all that hype despite me loving the movie; oh and I like Hans). So with that said, I happen to love this girl for both looks, voice, and... bondageability. So...How long did it take for Elsa to get into this?! I mean, with Frozen being out for more than a year, you would think I would've put her into this place some time ago, right?! Well, to my defense, I've been waiting until she accumulated enough pics on DA to actually conjure up this particular spot. Why March? Well, Frozen Fever just came out so it's only right that she gets this month anyways.

What is there to say about Elsa? Honestly, there is a ton of things to say about her from my perspective! She is a freaking hottie who has ice powers. Deemed the 'Snow Queen' in homage of the tale that her powers came from; though Elsa is actually not as sinister as her original 'self'.

For those who was not away, Elsa was supposed to be the villainess and her story with Anna was supposed to be quite different than how it turned out.  The picture on the left is how she was supposed to look like(hairstyle wise; her outfit was a bit more elaborate and mirrors her popular and current Snow Queen attire). Though for the sake of giving her a bit more of a 'complex' layer, they simply made her a troubled person fighting the urge to let go of her inhibitions. 

Can't find the original artist!
So who we ended up getting was the Elsa that we have and I do have to say she is enamoring. She had two different clothing as an adult: her Coronation outfit and her Snow Queen dress. Her hair is also one two different ways with her coronation more 'conservative' and her 'Snow Queen' trademark look has all the 'anti gravity'/'anime' look to it. Both of them do her justice but let's just say I'm more for the Snow Queen hair but with the Coronation dress to go with it. The dark combination of teal, burgundy, and black has some enticing look to it. Though of course put her in some bondage and it's a whole heck of a lot better, isn't it regardless of what attire(or lack of).


Still, people just can't seem to get enough of her Snow Queen outfit so there are more than enough pictures of her in that magical thread in Distress! 

Kachima, of course. Another commission by me.
BitterSweetPrince; Buy the whole pack! Worth it! This one is just icing xD
Of course we have to see Elsa in DiD outside her well known attires she wore in Frozen. We've seen a couple of lingeries already! Let's add some more!

Oh and why is the pic above Black and White?! There's a colored version. I'll update it when it's time to let it go. And yes, I commissioned the art above too!

Now it's pretty easy to see that Hans might be responsible for some of her duress, but there is a lot of shipping out there of Anna and Elsa, or better known to the shipping term as: Elsanna. Let's take a gander at some of these, shall we?

Can someone link me?
Nice little infomercial by Darthblade

Please Link me! 
Starca (awesome stuff as well)
And if Anna doesn't have the upper hand in their sisterly love, she's either being dominated by Elsa(won't show pics of that for obvious reasons) or she's in Distress with Elsa!

Next two are from Yes-I-DiD

Oh and sometimes another Disney Monarch joins the fray!

So all in all, what a wonderful catch this month has brought, huh? It's barely pass a year and we have accumulated so many Elsa pics in this realm! It just goes to show just how much she is loved by all kinds of perverts(there are a little bit more pics, but I put the ones here I truly adored). I'm not done commissioning her either so there might be a couple more bondage pics here and there, who knows? And we haven't even seen her in her Frozen Fever attire just yet! That would be a sensual piece of art! So with that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this month's damsel! Elsa remains to be one of my favorite gals to write about and look at! She may be part of one of the most overly hyped/marketed movie as of late, but Elsa is just hott. So nope, sorry Elsa, can't let you go just yet!

And look at that! Someone made a chibi of three popular damsels! The likes of Wonder Woman and Daphne aside by side with Elsa?

Found this on tumblr; original artist, I'd like to link ya! Nice art of "Elsacest"
Found on Pinterest
I tried looking for the artist! Link me!
And the next few additions are of course from Kachima himself! 

Frozen Skyrim crossover

I found this gif online somewhere; link?
It's going to be a LONG time until we can Let Elsa Go from her newly mended spot. Whether she is loved because she is awesome or because she is just tantalizing in bondage, who knows? All I know is that we are just going to accumulate more pictures of her as we go through the years. Heh, I think Elsa can be "Damsel of the next few years", honestly.

BUT. Who's next for April? 

Found a few Elsa pics in one hour that I think will be worth sharing.

Both work above are from StreamTrainBoy

Yes-I-DiD's awesome gag portrait of her

Her collection is still growing, by the way (07/02/16)

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