Friday, May 30, 2014

Damsel of the Month:

Name/Alias: Daphne Blake; "Danger prone Daphne"

Series: Scooby Doo(the plethora of Scooby Doo series that came out)

Some Words: If we want to talk about a classic damsel that pulled a lot of young D.i.D. lovers including myself. Daphne came from a very 'classic' show herself who is about a pothead dog and his owner... and they solve mysterious together....

"Mystery Mask Mix Up"
Yes. A bunch of rag tag hippies go around and solve mysteries together that usually involves thieves and scums dressed up as ghouls and goblins(amongst other monstrous urban myths). I think the proper term is: 'meddling kids'. Well when it comes to such tasks, the group often gets tangled up and to our joy, Daphne herself gets into bondage a decent amount of time thus why she got the nickname. And this went well over the years let me tell you. From way back when until now, Daphne has been struggling and 'mmmppphh'ing' like any good classic Damsel should!

A classic scene redone by Daphnebound
Daphne's personality is a typical 'premadonna girl'. Often considered as the 'pretty one' of the group, it would only make sense that she is eye candy for bait and trail track bondage.

deart from DA
Though sadly, the art above never did happen in the series... Daphne is more or less the innocent damsel and... what am I talking about?! A little bit more bondage won't hurt the girl's reputation!

Deleted scenes?! Thank you Daphnebound
While truly made for bondage and as a pretty sight, Daphne really has no astounding qualities that makes her stand out. Alright, the sexy outfit that still has appeal even to this day is something that stands out. The red hair and the air headed but 'sass' persona may be something that paved the way for a lot of characters. She is no pioneer in bondage like April O'Niel or Penelope Pittsop of course, but she holds her own even if she was never pole tied.

She also comes with her own scarf that a villain can OTN her with.

She makes a wonderful bait!

And.... she's pretty easy to kidnap. With all that said... Next month is Gemini month! Wonder who'll be the next damsel!? 

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