Thursday, May 22, 2014

Future BAFs that I WISH to have...

BAFs are coming in with exuberance this year! With Hasbro jumping in with the movie line gimmick, Comic based BAF are rare and quite possibly, a dying breed. Hasbro promised a lot of figures in the past that may not see the light of day unfortunately. BUT... there are a few seeing the light of day... ones that may be impossible for me to grab.... ((saddest face)).

Some of these images are from

This was just announced today and it's a San Diego Comi-con exclusive. At first they were mere 3.75, but they are not. It's a BAF of Blastar with characters that are 'underground' but I REALLY REALLY like:

Black Bolt
The Comic book Starlord and Gladiator is just 'meh' for me, but still! And considering that this is a Comic-Con exclusive BAF, chances of me having this piece without sacrificing a leg would be almost close to impossible.... But still!

This wave is on the realistic side for me to grab. The problem is that it's a Toys R Us exclusive; which means I'll be toy hunting all over at your lovely Toys R Us just to get every single one(I don't have luck with Toys R Us AT ALL). But I swear I'll try harder with this one and I might be tempted to just bite the bullet on online prices. My main qualm is that WHY?! Why is it just exclusive?!

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