Monday, May 19, 2014

Masterless and Rage

Why does it still feel like I'm paying for things I've never done?

Honestly, it'll feel like that for a while. The more things outside this plays a factor, the more certain notions becomes more of a truth.

Is it true then?

I can't really say. That's not my story. It's yours.

It would still be easier and far more practical if I never went into this realm.

That's true. But I think you already understand that there is a reason.

The reason could be for the worse.

I'm not denying that, nor will I abide by that.

I pay for things I have never done and suffer for all the good I have accomplished. What a conundrum this place is. 

Indeed, but you already missed the opportunity to walk away. The difference here is, I never had that chance. You did. This is part of the consequence, honestly.

The consequence you say. To be second thought after everything you have done.... sentiments and all. 

You could've been completely forgotten.

In some ways, I kind of was. 

You don't know what 'Forgotten' means then if you say that.

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