Monday, May 19, 2014

Masterless and Rage

How did you cope with it?

I didn't really. I just let it be. I let whatever it is that needed to be done get done.

It sucks.

If someone told you it was going to be smiles and sunshine, I'll openly tell you that they lied. They lied and didn't consider the true weight of situations like this.

It sucks.

Would you rather have this, or what we had to deal with?

I knew the territory from before, learned from you. 

Yeah but guess what, that road sucked even more.

There are pros and cons, I guess.

There are seldom good things that comes out of being abandoned.

You seem fine. 

I hated someone for so long for the wrong reasons.

You had the right.

Suppose I did. You're not abandoned anymore, so why are you knocking on this door this early?

Because Miss Those Chapters. I miss the nights and the almost guaranteed days. Doesn't exactly spell hope for a better change with how it went about the last few. 

Changes. I was never really fond of them myself, but I still believe they happen for a reason.

Would you go back in that moment and change everything if you could?

Strange, you have never asked me that before. But to answer your question, NO. How about you? How fairs that ominous question?

The answer.... I don't know anymore. 

Well, that's sounds better. That's a change.

....................... I don't hate this change. 

Then keep being patient. More to come. I can almost guarantee it.

What if, though?

What if it it's not? Patterns are already broken... I think this road is different.


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