Sunday, October 1, 2017

DuDs: Spider-Woman shirt

I have been looking for ages for a Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) shirt; a shirt that JUST features her! Marvel shops don't carry any I have seen. Nor does any of the major super hero websites. SO... where have I stumbled on this beauty?

A company called Redbubble. I've gone and did a little research on other 3rd party online stores that provide services like this (they take preexisting art and put it on a shirt, or jacket, sweater etc) and let me say, that this might be the best one yet. Good quality in terms of the print that is on the shirt and the shirt itself isn't that bad. Not to mention that the price is pretty good.

And the cool thing about this is that they picked a pretty good cover from the classic Spider-Woman series to use. Partner in with a red color, and it's a perfect match (one can pick other colors, but this is the best one). I have this particular comic book too, but I didn't have the patience to rummage through a ton of other comic books I have in storage.

I am very happy to have this. I'm going to wear it for the first time tomorrow! AND... I know more things from Redbubble are coning! 

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