Sunday, May 22, 2016

Damsel of the Month

Name: Paula "Peril" Perillio

Series: Paula Peril Comics by: Atlantic Studios

Some Words: So Ms. Paula Peril got an updated Damsel of the Month for reasons I have yet to truly figure out other than the Last One was rather lackluster. As part of the Prospects to be updated, I will deliver this month and talk about this gorgeous, revamped idea of "Lois Lane" or "April O'Niel". Also, I'll spend some time truly talking about what I know about her now, but be warned, this will be a spam post because she has a TON to put up. In fact, it's probably Paula's saving grace, really. I will go in depth but, her writing isn't that great and she is pretty generic--though that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve her bondage. Also, a lot of these images are from Atlantis Stuidios' PDF files. I took the liberty of taking screen shots of some of the distress Paul has gone through.

So we all know the theme of a snooping reporter who gets herself in trouble, bound, gagged, and put into some kind of peril... which is why her 'nickname' is Paula Peril. And believe me, her works has PLENTY of her in peril in various forms of bondage and gags. Enough to actually consider it a bondage comic book/s rather than anything else.

And sometimes there are plenty of fanservice in just one scene. Double gags! PLENTY OF ROPES! And distress of course! 

And what snooping reporter can get away from a train track peril!?

Or how about a hanging scene over a chemical vat? With some panty shots?

Elevator scene?

Thrown off a ledge?

How about frozen to death? Airplane peril?

Drowning. Explosives. Sharkfood. Electrocution. YOU NAME IT! Paula has some pretty perilous damsel scenes!

And of course the balltied in a crate. My personal favorite DiD scene she has up to date! 

of course Paula can get out of tight situations with using her wits and/or getting help from her allies who seem to just be 'used' to the idea of her pin peril. She should get out! We need her to get in peril for the next installment!

Paula's attire consist of the usual red v neck, black leather miniskirt, and black boots. If it's not that usual deal, it's a variation of. Though no matter what, she always seems to sport something that will show off as much legs as possible! And she likes red. Her home attire consists of such as coloring as well as her night dresses. A lot of red. Good.

As for her personality and such, she is pretty generic. Smart-aleck, snooping reporter who isn't afraid of a few rope burns and danger. Not much to say on that. Oh, and she can defend herself; not very well, but she isn't entirely a 'damsel'.

Other than that, there isn't much to say about Paula Peril. She is as generic as they come. This is one of those I can honestly admit that I don't get her anthologies and one shot comic books for stories(since they aren't that great nor do they TRY to be) but for the pure DiD service. Yes, I'm a pervert, we all know that. With that said, I will do something different with this monthly post by showing that Paula has a live one shot movies as well with the lead star being the gorgeous Valerie Perez. Here are some screenshots of her in peril like Palua:

And Yes, they do SOME of her bondage scenes in the comic books SOME justice. Anywhooo, that's about it for this month! The next few installments might deviate from the list of my 'prospects' since some of these damsels are lacking material. Regardless, we will try. Other than that....! laters! 

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