Monday, September 11, 2017

POP: Vivec (Elder Scrolls Morrowind)

Time for some more POP review (I have a few that I need to review). This time, it's going to be another Elder Scroll merchandise (yeah, those don't come too often). Let's dive in for the review, shall we?

It glows in the dark as the box said... not very good. Guess I'll talk about it later. The back of the box makes me curious about the other ones in this set.... I've only ever seen Vivec though.

Now part of the reason I was so compelled by this POP is that it's not just 'neutral'. Vivec has a uniqueness to him that makes him stand out! It's the pose! That transparent stand that allows him to have that "in-character"! I immediately knew I had to get him for my POP collection.

What's cool about this POP is how different the coloring is on right and left sides. Truly sticks with the character's peculiar and Morrowind-esque style. The blue and gold are darker tones that don't make him look like a clown and the red eyes give him that Dunmer quality. He is also peppered with minor metallic armor here and there so he looks pretty cool. 

Funko Dremora, POP Dremora Symbiote Dark Elf, POP Alduin
Funny how she sticks out among my other Elder Scroll paraphernalia. Then again, he is the only one who has the brighter colors. I might get some ES related POPs if I can find them again; I know I can find some ESO POPs my local retail stores. 

Vivec is both adorable and unique. HAD to have him in my collection. Definitely, addds a new zest to my already erratic set of POPs.

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