Wednesday, March 15, 2017

(EA Figures) Mass Effect Series II: Garrus Vakarian

There is no Shepard without Vakarian. Damn straight. Garrus is also a mainstay crew member of the trilogy. He is awesome. I love this guy and despite the scarcity of "Archangel" figures out there, I do believe I tried to catch the two that are noteworthy and feasible in my collection. I like this figure and I'll explain why.

For collector's sake, I regret not getting Miranda, even though this is not a good representation of the sexy Cerberus agent.

The sculpt is fantastic. It is a Turian body and we can easily recognize Garrus in a heartbeat. It has his signature battle damaged armor, his visor, and for his only accessory, he has a sniper rifle; trademark of the Archangel of Omega.

The paint isn't exactly accurate to his ME2 aesthetics, but it is fairly good. The blue seems a bit too metallic, which I get what they were going for, it's just that I feel it is a bit off. Garrus' Turian features are fine, not as crisp, but does well enough.

Much like the other figures in this wave, he is outdated in the idea of articulation. Yes, you can get him to do some things like dancing, or holding his gun, but don't expect a whole lot. But he does have some forgivable qualities since Mass Effect action figures are rare and the affordable ones are are even more scarce for my collection.

The closest figure that I know of that can compare to EA Mass Effect figure in regards to Garrus is the Playarts Kai version of Garrus. Different time, different price points, different quality, different versions of Garrus(EA is ME2 and PAK is ME3), but both are my only Garrus figures and I appreciate them. Both are definitely cool enough to join my ranks of awesome figures!

Again like the rest of the set, there is a lot left to be desired. With that though, there is a lot to factor in as to why this/these figures are missing a lot. All in all, if you are a Mass Effect fan and is just looking for something affordable to put on your collection that is Mass Effect related, then this is it for Garrus Vakarian! 

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