Monday, April 13, 2015

ML Thanos BAF: Hellcat

Hasbro has been giving us some obscure characters as of late and good for it. With the Thanos wave being bombarded with three overused characters, some none mainstream comic book characters would do nice and so here we are with Hellcat! Let's check her out then, shall we?

She is the other 'variant' of Spider-Woman.

One of the things that makes Hellcat stick out is the fact that she is very vibrant! The mixture of bright yellow and dark blue is just a nice combo in terms of contrast, then pair that in with her orange hair(that is one of the highlights of this figure for me), and we have ourselves colors that bounce and complement off each other! Her mask design had always been one of the things that I like as well with the pale blue color on the 'cheeks' then the drawn eyebrows. There are some paint details here and there which is rare for Hasbro. The mold of the figure itself is a mixture of a few familiar figures from the past such as the sash, the hands, the young teenage girl body mold, and then the off handed Moonstone hip on the small frame. Not too bad, but at times she does look a bit odd.

Hellcat comes with Thanos' head and left arm as well as some twin sticks, which from what little I know about Hellcat, she doesn't really use these sticks. She can't hold them well on one hand either which is a shame. Luckily you can combine these two sticks into one, which decrease their fun factor by half(literally).

Her articulation is standard for what her body mold consists of however one of the main things that set her aside from the rest of the female figures as of late is the fact that it's truly difficult to have head movement because of that nice long orange hair! Believe it or not, I also gained some a minor damage on her hair by straining it too much and it completely falling off. Nothing super glue can't fix but, a bit irritating since it's the second figure in the wave I have had some problems with. Posing is still more than possible for the most part, just certain things will be hindered greatly.

Hellcat defending herself against DC's notorious Cheetah for the right of feline titles. Though I would say the two have to compete with a few more on both realms. Also, I believe Tigra vs Cheetah would be more appropriate(one of the forms of Hellcat does turn into Tigra herself).

Hellcat being a variant of Spider-Woman, and having the same BAF piece, she isn't really a must for anyone not a fan of this character. I'm not a fan of her per say, but I am a sucker for female figures. I do have more gripes about this figure than not so I probably can say she is mediocre. Though she is fun to have in the roster since she is so obscure. Being a testament that Hasbro still gives the comic book line some love, may she be a reminder that Comic Book is the root of Marvel and NOT the cinematic universe! Though we all know who makes the dollar signs(sadly). 

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