Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Psylocke Casting!

I've been a long time fan of Psylocke but have had little to no love for the X-Men movies as of late. Days of the Future past apparently had some things going for it, but honestly, I haven't cared all that much... UNTIL NOW. Betsy Braddrock has been casted! By who? Olivia Munn:

Funny thing is that she is Chinese and not Japanese, but she does have the orient look that can pull it off. After all, Psylocke wasn't 100% Japanese herself being a brit stuck in a Kunoichi's body.

What really does play a huge factor if this is a good pick or not is how she plays it off. She does after all have the look well enough, but it's the matter of her being to pull it off and act it out. And I wonder if her costume would resemble Betsy's more popular costume:

Or her more recent costume that she is seen using often:

(She has other costumes, but I feel that these two are her more iconic ones; one being more than the other for obvious reasons). Regardless of the choice and how it looks, with Archangel/Angel's concept art being revealed to the public a mere few days ago:

This could be a potential chance that Psylocke will have a pivotal role in the movie. I really think she should since she has been lackluster in the media outside the comic books! She is after all Warren Worthington's love interest off and on so for her to just be mere side plate in this upcoming Apocalypse movie, well, that wouldn't be a good homage to all the fans who just adore her. With that said, this is the first movie I am terribly excited for!

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