Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bishoujo: Spider-Woman

Ever since she was first announced I have been jumping in joy! A Bishoujo Spider-Woman had always been a dream come true to me because there is something about the way Kotobukiya renders femme fatale from both Marvel and DC universe! So with that said, here we are with a Bishoujo in my possession after some time and it's none other than this lovely gal! On to the review then!

I truly has been a while since I reviewed a Bishoujo since I dare say I missed these boxes! Something about the box that truly makes it feel like I want to keep it in the said box! But I don't collect like that anymore! So not trying to look over the wonderful art and the window display, I'm going to jump right into what the back of the box is trying to convey! Another Bishoujo! Jubilee?! I might have to get her! But to the true reason of this review!

Simply amazing! Let's start with the pose... well, it's very Spider-Woman-y with a bit of sensuality! Crouching down like a Spider-Woman does with one hand touching and her other hand ready for 'venom blast', her head looking over checking out who she is hitting. Overall though, it's a pretty hott pose. The only thing really missing with her is perhaps some sort of 'blast effect' or 'energy effect' coming out of her 'pointing' hand. Little gripe considering how hott this figure is!

Spider-Woman's costume is not exactly complicated but just the little fan service of copying every detail is indeed magnificent. From the web pits to the yellow 'diamond' design that was her spider's birth right powers... amazing. The color I adore(though the SDCC 2014 has a shine to her, so to speak). Then of course there is Bishoujo's classic signature with the hair 'flow' affect. 

The translucent affect on the end of her hair is as cool on her as any other Bishoujo characters I own! Just simply amazing! 

Now to the.... details of her... back. Well it's not Kotobukiya's fault why her backside has no costume design. She lacks a REAL 'extravagant' costume design, which to me is part of why I like her costume. The combination of the colors, her hair, and just 'her' makes the costume worth it. Then of course that ass... alright just had to be blunt with that. Now let's stop looking at that and focus on other details of this statue.

Let's talk about the........... the base. Well it's not exactly the 'best' base A Marvel heroine acquired. The web homage I understand, but it's not like Jessica can even produce webbings(They'll probably a Julia Carpenter variation), but still. Though again, another minor gripe since it is clean, well done and..... well yeah. Let's talk about the other features this said base that no other Bishoujo that I own has:

Underneath the base is a container for the alternate head. Alternate head you say? Yes! Indeed! 

The mask version. Look at that detail in her hair!

And then we have the unmasked version. Jessica Drew herself as Spider-Woman! Like ANY other Bishoujo female statue, the face is rather attracting! Great detail through and through! The last time we truly had an alternate face like this is way back when with Harley Quinn and even then it's not as distinguishable and enamoring as this one. So with how intricate this figure is, how does one truly alternate the faces? Simple.

Okay so this might take away some attraction level on this statue, but scrutinizing this wouldn't be a bad idea for anyone interested in buying this. It truly does remind me of a Figma procedure really. The head comes off the neck, then her bangs comes off, the face itself peels off, and from there it's just a mere act of plugging in the desired face; masked or face.

It's almost like it's a new statue altogether! I'm glad that Kotobukiya was very gracious to allow us this feature and NOT have to buy another statue just to get both version. That would be rather asinine though considering. 

In conclusion, she was really a must for me from the get go. Despite her minor qualms I pointed out, I do believe she is a perfect addition to my collection. Spider-Woman has and always will be that particular character that holds a lot of sentiment and sensuality for me that something like this is a dream come true! So to those who aren't Spider-Woman fans(but are Bishoujos) or just casual fans of her, what's there for it? Well, it holds true to what Bishoujo is known for: endowed, beautiful, well painted, well posed, and just plain aesthetic statue! The new addition of the case under the base and the alternate face is a new perk! Truly, for me, for what I paid for her, she was worth it. If I have the funds, I will get the SDCC 2014 version! Amazing statue! Probably my statue of the year(if I get another statue of course... wait... there's that Elsa one!).


  1. Wow I love her. Everything about that statue just screams sexy. I can't believe for so long I never really appreciated the lovely Ms. Drew. I certainly do these days xD. Thank you for sharing as always friend. I love the up close and personal look I get of this statue that only you can bring. She was totally meant to grace your game room =)

  2. Thanks! I'm glad they waited this long to make a statue of her! Simply put, at least I have my brand new camera to truly capture her sexiness!

    And I have to agree. She is MEANT to grace my game room =)