Sunday, October 30, 2016

ML Dormamu BAF: Iron Fist

The Immortal Iron Fist enters again! And might I add that while I see the connection, Iron Fist is not completely in Dr. Strange's lore. He is, but ... he is a different entity all on his own all things considered. BUT, I think Hasbro was deliberately putting a 'magical' kung fu character in the mix just to promote the beginning of another Netflix series. Well, enough of that. Let's take a look at this figure then.

As the 'odd' ball of the group, Iron Fist comes bearing his own logo on a Dr. Strange movie set. But he retains the theme overall.

Even his figure pose shows him as a loner. And the art on the side on is awesome! I love the artist they have been hiring for these things.

Unlike the previous Iron Fist we got last year, this particular one sports the traditional colors of the Immortal Weapon. Traditional, but adhering to his modern makeover post-Civil War one look. This one still played it safe and stayed close to his original outfit's idea; of course they took out the outdated flats and open chest shirt and gave him a more spandex/superhero look. The Dragon Symbol (there's a name for it, forgot what it was) on his chest is still a mystical tattoo, but it went over on the chest of his shirt. All the painting looks clean and sharp enough. There's not much detals to talk about; the wrapped hands has a little bit of paint variations, but other than that, not much to say in that area.

The mold is pretty generic and standard. Muscular, lean, and average height and sufficient for Danny Rand's comic book stature. No complaints here really but nothing new to report.

Don't expect this Iron Fist to provide us with a ton of accessories like before, but what we get is definitely something to appreciate. I remember the days when I was complaining about Hasbro's lack of effort in the special effects of characters; well now we are getting some in the form of fists, flames, magic, lightning, etc. The fire ball/chi energy that comes with the figure is pretty good. The energy fists that comes as Danny's alternate hands are a nice touch as well. Of course he comes with a piece of Dormamu.

Here's how he looks like with both variations of hands on.

As far as his articulation goes, he is pretty familiar. He can do a lot of things, and this mold (Think Pizza Spidey) offers a lot. I had fun getting him into some Iron Fist poses and can thoroughly say that he has been the most friendly to pose out of all the figures I reviewed so far. Though something I need to point out: this figure looks like he is on the long side on certain angles. His torso most definitely looks a little too long. But as I mentioned, he was pretty awesome to pose around.

Of course had to borrow the flame effect from the Iron Fist back in the Toybiz Days.

And had to use an import stand since I know we aren't going to be getting any of those any time soon from Hasbro.

And here he is squaring off with the last Iron Fist figure we got from the Odin BAF wave. Both are amazing figures and both are still out for display.

All in all, I didn't think Iron Fist would get this version of his costume in figure form since he received a new one quite recently. I would also think that the Netflix version would be different and they would spend more time promoting that, but alas, we got this and I'm happy it! Definitely one of the hitters of this wave! Iron Fist fans should be delighted to have this guy in their collection. 

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