Monday, October 24, 2016

Bishoujo: New 52 Harley Quinn

Another Bishoujo addition for 2016! It's a good year so far for variations (compared to last year where Legends got most of the love), and speaking of variation, we got a brand new Harley Quinn in this lovely Bishoujo form and this time, she is sporting her skimpier attire from the New 52 Suicide Squad story! So let's check her out.

Standard Bishoujo box that we have all seen before. The artist always makes good work with the pretty girls! Oh and yes, I'm using a new 'background' for my photoshoots when taking pictures for 'stationary' pics; basically, when I want to show 'details' and not being dynamic, this will be the pic. Of course, statues are hardly not going to get dynamic anytime soon.

Wondergirl is next on the lineup, but I don't think I will be getting her.

Right from the get-go, I'm not a big fan of this costume but for the sake of sexiness, it does flaunt all of Harley's assets just fine. Her Bishoujo counterpart definitely retains her sex appeal with what we expect from Kotobukiya. Standing with her hips cocked while holder her signature mallet, Harley definitely makes her adoring fans squeal with this one.

The colors are rather vibrant and rich, even if red and blue are not my favorite color combinations. The skin tone is nice, pale, and very Harley Quinn like. Of course, the shadowing and color variations are always nice touch to ensure that it's not a flat; and said color variations are present throughout Harleen, clothing and skin alike. 

The clothing effect is nice; the folds on her 'cape' are quite realistic as if the cape is actually being carried by the wind. Everything else is placed exceptionally well; from her belt to her gun holsters(which you cannot take out and have Harley hold), and the Mallet, though not as whimsical as we usually see Harley carry in her other outfit, is still well done. 

The face is nothing short of amazing. I could go into super detail, but just check out the color variation I pointed out found in the form of makeup. Bishoujo obviously continues to maintain their 'pretty girl' theme, don't they? 

No, this is not a foot fetish moment. I'm just pointing out Harley's less than spectacular part of her Bishoujo: her stand. It does adhere to her color scheme and 'jester' triangle look, but meh. 

Now is the time to stop 'talking' and let the pictures spill their thousand words.

SOooooo.... yeah. I'll just leave that alone. But I can't HELP just wanting to say something... can't back off...

Here she is next to the original Harley Quinn Bishoujo. While the original is a bit outdated, I still think it can hold a candle to her New 52 version. 

And this is my newest DC Bishoujo next to her other DC gals (and Marvel too). AND... I'm running out of room.

In closing, with all the statues I gained this year, this Bishoujo beauty has every ability to shake the competition. And that's coming from me who don't even like this costume. Kotobukiya always has their ways with emphasizing the characters they 'Bishoujo' with familiar personality, but pepper them with some sex appeal. With Harley's escalated popularity, I'm sure this one is a hit for all the right reasons. Well, the statue collecting isn't over yet!

Oh, and she has a Comicon New York variant which I probably will not be getting. But she's red and black.

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