Sunday, July 5, 2015

ML Hobgoblin BAF: Spider-Man

It's been a long time since we've had a classic Spider-Man take form in a Marvel Legends. Not to say that he's under used since Spider-Man has had a set in honors of the Amazing Spider-man movie(the franchise might be dead despite my dismay). In the past, there were also a myriad of Spider-Men that collectors and casual buyers could choose from when it came to the wall crawler; well that slowed down but I knew the day would happen when Parker would sling back into his classic duds and grace us Marvel Legends style.

Typical box. Not much to show here. Though one can really see just how much accessories he comes with.

While some would say that he is classic, I can agree, but he isn't the 'classic' Spider-Man with the web pits and all. He is more modern Spider-Man as one could say and somehow, with the brighter colors, he reminds me of animated Spider-Man from the 90s. The mold isn't that bad; in fact it's pretty Spidey accurate. Though his torso is a bit too long and at times he makes other Marvel heroes too short. Not scale accurate sometimes makes the character not as fun to pose with other characters.

Accessory wise, he comes with a decent amount. Three set of hands(fists, open crawling/holding pizza hands, and thwip hands), two variant faces, and a ... pizza? I'm not sure where that little idea came from, but it works. Oh and he comes with the BAF piece. This should be a standard accessory idea for all Hasbro Legends(would've worked well with Spider-Girl and U.Spider-Woman).

As far back as I can remember through the years with Toybiz and Hasbro, I don't think I have ever come across a Spider-Man with a variant head that sports the 'half mask' on. I do like it, and I'm more than positive that he will remain with this head for display since I have enough masked Spider-Men in my "Spider-verse" display. Speaking of display...

The webbing is of course 'custom', and it's as much of a toy artist as I can get when it comes to customization. Simple bendy wires that comes from certain toys and such. Makes an adequate webbing. But honestly, with that said webbing, it makes him a bit more fun and a little more 'Spidey' Dynamic. The only thing Hasbro needs to do with some of these nimble and agile characters are their leg articulations. Again, not to sound perverted(especially when I'm talking about female characters), they need to be able to spread their legs. Seriously! It gives them wider range of dynamic actions! But I won't be redundant on my comments about that. This Spidey was fun to pose.

Classic rivalry! This Green Goblin may be a bit outdated compared to this Spidey, but it still looks aesthetically pleasing next to the new Spider-Man.

Still one heck of a great punching bag for Parker too! I'm just imagining this is after Gwen's death so Parker is fuming with grief and rage(Spider-Gwen figure PLEASE Hasbro!).

As a former Spider-Man enthusiast, I would say that this figure is probably one of the best Spider-Man we got. He has issues like the legs, the height, and I don't know why the elbow pegs are red(as can be seen in this picture) and not blue. But honestly, despite all those flaws, he is great to have in the Spider-Man collection/Spider-Verse. He is also a necessary piece for the Hobgoblin BAF.

One thing about this figure, it does capture the humor that surrounds Spider-Man. 

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