Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ML Hobgoblin BAF: Spider-Girl

Another piece of the pie that is the Hobgoblin BAF(the third set of BAF that I have come across this year; and more coming). I have the Spiderverse saga to blame for me wanting/needing to get as much Spider-Man figures as I can! And I have yet to even read the said saga(will soon enough). Well, Spider-Girl is the next installment so let's see what this figure has to offer!

She shares the same box as Ultimate Spider-Woman, so not much can be seen here. Again no side art cover for this new Spider-Man wave.

Just to talk about the character a bit, Spider-Girl (May Parker), comes from an alternate world where Peter and Maryjane had a daughter. She inherited her father's spider powers and eventually made an identity for herself as Spider-Girl; for some reason, she took the mantle of Ben Reilly, her father's clone. Honestly, I love this costume. I like this said costume MUCH more than I like her original one. The web shooters outside is always a treat and the larger insignia and 'half boots' and 'red fingers' are always a better take for me(I do have Ben Reilly Spider-Man unopened from the Ares Wave. Tempted to open him now). Of course the mold is sexy and just right for a teen super heroine. A few paint scruffs and her right leg was distorted due to packaging methods; blow dry and cold water helped but there are still some issues on her over 'performance'. But aesthetically, it's not bad.

Now I'm not going to sit here and talk about the BAF piece. This department--the accessory department is the major downfall of this figure(as it was with Ultimate Spider-Woman). We finally got a better Spider-Girl figure and it lacks accessories like interchangeable hands, alternate unmasked head, webbing accessory, something! NONE! It really hurts the fun factor of the figure and we'll talk about that more in the next paragraph.

Well, the loose calf swivel makes it hard for her to stand sometimes, but beside from that little quality issue, May Parker still has the modern articulation we expect from the teen mold figures. Unfortunately, female figures in general really lack the ability to be 'flexible'! Due to the idea that they have to be voluptuous and sexy (according to comic book standards), the Spider-y poses are hilariously hindered, thus making them less and less appealing to their comic book counter part (action dynamic wise). Now that on its own is a major problem and another thing is that with both hands 'webbing' pose, she can't do much. She really, REALLY needs interchangeable hands. I can make do without the alternate head, but hands?! Come on! Suffice to say, she really suffers in articulation both in the common problem with female figures and Hasbro's lack of ability to provide more accessories.

Here's the other Spider-Girl in my collection.... well I guess in Carnage's collection. Because May lacked any articulation and accessory, she failed in rescuing Anya from the clutches of this deranged symbiote!

In conclusion, I really do like the fact that I have this girl in my collection. Again, it's a major Hasbro qualm I have that accessories, alternate hands/head are lacking, then the constant problem with the female molds and their articulation. OH and quality. I do recommend this figure to everyone who is into the Spiderverse saga, or just a big time Spider-Girl fan, period. I know May Parker has a huge cult following, so here's a decent figure of her. Don't expect perfection though.

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