Monday, June 8, 2015

B0UNDIARY and a request

Hello everyone! I just want to link this group that I'm a part of that dedicates itself to DiD literature in   many different types of genres. From Anime to Videogames, this one has some great writers and some fun stories to read. Check it out:

(for anyone who doesn't know, the edited picture is by Kachima)

And I'm  thinking of writing a new Spider-Woman fanfic that will be inspired by one of these pics (a SHORT one shot, I hope). Help me make a decision:

Spider-Woman Poll

Also, for anyone who does come across this blog, if you feel like using some of the 'check box' to rate some of the post, please do! =) Would love some nifty unnecessary aesthetics added to my blog!

Well that's about it, later! 

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