Thursday, May 15, 2014

ML U. Green Goblin BAF: Spider-Girl

I've actually caught a figure this month, and what better way to start it than to get a "Spider-Woman"! Okay, she's not Spider-Woman. She's not Jessica Drew or even Julia Carpenter. Truthfully, I don't even know this girl's secret identity name, believe it or not! But knowing about this character and having a full blown bio isn't exactly the main purpose of this! It's all about the figure and all its wonderful assets! So...

Pretty standard packaging. She is the variant of the Black Cat figure I got earlier this year! Skyline sirens are what these two are called.

This mold is brand new and I like it. Mentioned more than once by a couple of other reviewers, this mold would be the perfect teenager lady of Marvel like X-23, Spider-girl(May Parker), Kitty Pryde, and so forth. I'm elated to see what Hasbro will do with this mold in the nearby(hopefully) future.

Spider-Girl's paint job isn't at all terrible but it doesn't offer something spectacular. As seen in the collage, her front has the painted on spider emblem; more or less this suit is from Julia Carpenter's 'Arachne' form so the paint does it justice. Then of course there is black everywhere and her back side offers very little to add designs(though the taut buttocks might be something for the perves).

In the articulation department, Spider-Girl has a lot of swivels in her lower body like her ankles, calves, and thighs. Though I feel that the feminine hips deters a bit of her agile poses since she doesn't seem to be able to do a full on split for me. Her upper body articulation is also lackluster compared to her legs and I seem to have tighter than normal arm joints. Head moves well enough though it did require a bit of forcing to really warm her up.

Just like Black Cat, she doesn't come with any interchangeable hands or any of the sort. In fact she comes even more short handed than Felicia since she has NO accessory AT ALL. Sure she comes with the Torso BAF piece, but that's it! Sure failed there in my opinion! A webbing, a variation in face, or maybe just more hands would've done this figure more justice!

Overall, Spider-Girl is a good pick. I don't regret getting her but she does come with some flaws. Again the main one is really lacking in accessories! Though I'll look into the bright side that this figure does pave the way for a lot of other characters both mold-wise and the idea that if a not very well known character like Spider-Girl gets out into the plastic open, why not others?! I mean... aren't we due for a Spider-Woman figure with the Black Cat mold?! 

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