Saturday, May 17, 2014

ML U.Green Goblin BAF: Boomerang

This will probably be the last of the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF variant that I am going to get. There is one more and it's Toxin; that said figure is lame compared to Carnage, so without further adieu, let's talk about Boomerang! Who is this guy?! Last I checked he is one of the "C-List" super villains of the 'street heroes(Spider-Man, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Punisher, Elektra, Iron Fist, White Tiger, Moon Knight, etc)'. I believe he is part of the Sinister Six at one point, which makes the team's name number inadequate like the Fantastic Four. Oh well, let's talk about the figure then.

The variant of Ultimate Beetle is none other than this handsome fellow! Honestly, I like Beetle better, but this guy isn't half bad. Not at all.

To talk about Boomerang himself, I think this is accurate to one of his mundane costumes. It might just be his most recent suit since he has the Thunderbolts insignia on his belt, but I'm lost in translation in regards to the going ons of comic book nowadays. It's not bad if I am just to base it off the figure. Not much going on since his paint job is rather insipid. The sculpting isn't the pinnacle of Hasbro's work, but it does justice well enough with the things unique to Boomerang like his helmet and his.... 'boomerangs'. So now that we got that out of the way, it's time to talk about the mold for a little while. A lot of toy reviewers praise this mold, and honestly, I don't blame them. It has a lot of good in it and the articulation is one of the best(the mold was originally used for the "Bucky Captain America"). For your average male Marvel character, it does justice, but there will come a time that this will be diluted with the extreme amount of time it will be used. I hope Hasbro considers using variations in the future. Just saying.

Aside from the leg piece of Goblin that we have already seen with Beetle, Boomerang does come with FIVE accessories. Okay, I'm exaggerating since it's realistically just... not that honorable to say five. But regardless, at least we get something with this guy. I would like to extrapolate the notion that if Hasbro gives us more accessorized figures(weapons or variant heads/hands), we'd be happier collectors! But okay, Hasbro, I'll give you one pat in the back for this little gimmick!

Again, the mold offers a lot of articulation and plenty of dynamic poses! Boomerang was entertaining to pose here and there but I find the mold stale and maybe it's because the character isn't the best character out there. One thing I find rather flawed with this figure is his hands don't hold his boomerangs well, especially the small ones. Again, another bummer.

In conclusion, having Boomerang isn't something I'm doing backflips over, but he is a good addition to my rogue of villains. My advice, if you are collecting this BAF and have to pick between him and Beetle, pick Beetle. Though I do understand that Boomerang sticks with the 616 Universe and Beetle is Ultimate so... that might be a deal breaker or not. I personally think there are a lot more 'new' things to be offered with Beetle with sculpting, paint application, and just better looking to me.

By the way.... is Boomerang from Australia by chance? 

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