Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ML Sentinel BAF: Omega Red

Saving the best for last is what one can usually say, and let me just say that Omega Red is a favorite of mine in the bad guy genre! Red, Wolverine rival, cool name, and yes the bondage innuendo that goes along with him, all in all Omega Red is just a win for me! Have always wanted him in 6' version and alas, here he is in full form as a part of the Sentinel BAF. How does he hold up to expectations? Too excited to wait! He is freaking awesome!

I was slightly worried that Omega Red's right shoulder pad is bent due to the case. I was almost positive that it had remained that way for so long that when he comes out of his case he will have a permanent distorted design. Luckily, that isn't so.

I'm not sure if Wolverine being Canadian has anything to do with one of his rival's color scheme to concur with the Canadian colors but, we here we have the dangerous, tentacle whipping, and awesome villain Omega Red in his action figure version. I am very pleased with how this guy came out and he is pretty accurate to his comic book/animated series version.  He's got the red, he's got the Omega sign, he's got the tentacles, and he's got the mean face! Unlike Hasbro, there are a lot of paint details that goes along with this figure and it's really hard not to be impressed with how much effort they used to put way back when! The mold is pretty decent, a little on the skinny with the lower body but it's not a big deal really, it still does justice.

I'm really surprised that he didn't come with a Sentinel Arm instead of the hip because Sentinel comes with his own tentacles that are the exact some ones as Omega Red. Maybe that's on the lazy side, but it's not a major gripe to tally against the toy and the BAF itself. And yes, Omega Red comes with a stand also and an awesome comic book with Jim Lee's art!

Let me just say that he is flawed in some areas of articulation. First off, he has a very small ankle pivot which make some poses inadequate. He is missing the wrist or forearm swivel, his head is a bit impeded with the shoulder pads and his gorgeous locks, and lastly, his ab crunch doesn't work that great. But his tentacles has enough articulation to make up with that because…. how can you have a villain whose weapons are solely based on(aesthetically) to wrap people with their tentacles and have an action figure version of them NOT have articulation with their said tentacles?! Like Constrictor!

I believe inside these tentacles are bendable wires so it gives it the ability to be stable for certain poses or what not. It really gives him an Omega Red ambiance being able to pose with his trademark tentacles pose able like his body! Again, that's another thing that Hasbro misses the boat on these days.

Oh yes! We can't have an Omega Red without a Psylocke and Wolverine bondage, can we?! Well to my defense, during the Jim Lee days, this DID happen… well not exactly like this but something to this affect, more or less. Actually, I wish things happened like this(of course, Less Wolverine and more Psylocke in distress).

At the end of the day, Omega Red is not a perfect Legend, but given to the age of this toy and what it is still capable of, I'd say it's still one of the best out there. I don't think Hasbro has yet to make a toy that would be on par with some of the details that Toybiz paid attention to. Going through this whole set, I say it's just reaffirms just how much Toybiz was ahead in some departments compared to Hasbro. But here I am talking about the two companies when I should be delving into Omega Red… yes this figure is awesome! Honestly, it's all I truly have to say. BAF is great, the figure is great, and he is a pretty interesting villain in the comics to say the least.

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