Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ML Sentinel BAF: Mr. Sinister

Mr. Sinister is probably the second figure in this set that I was really excited for! And for any X-Men fan that knows about Sinister and happens to be a toy collector, there is a lot of nerd factor into this guy's plastic adaptation! I had high expectations out of him so did he meet up to it? Let's find out.

He looked really cool inside the box; everything about the intimidating visage that he carries sure transferred over to his toy version and it's obvious even through his container.

This is another figure that really shows off Toybiz's attention to detail. While Sinister doesn't have a whole lot of intricate details to him in the comic books and the animated series, Sinister does have signature style that definitely stands out to the majority of comic book fans. First and foremost, Sinister does have a very unique look that is a combination of dark red, blue, and white. Why he has certain designs like the ghastly white face and the red diamonds on his chest and forehead still remains an enigma to me, but regardless, Toybiz captured that quite well. Another thing that really impresses me to his detail is the frayed Dracula-like cape.  The cape isn't stiff it is indeed a pliable plastic that really gives a 'cape flow' to it! Of course Sinister is very well painted with some shadowing, some good sculpting, and again, he looks sinister!

To my knowledge, Nathaniel Essex(what an awesome name! Sure sounds a lot better than John Ulysses Klaw; But then again, Klaw Sucks!) doesn't fly. Unless they changed it in the recent issues of the comic books(and there is a female version of Sinister these days so you never know), Toybiz didn't need to add the figure stands but they did. Still loving Toybiz and their grace from way back when.Of course the BAF piece and the comic book comes along with him.

Where Sinister exceeds in detail he comes shorthanded in the department of articulation. It may not be Toybiz's fault because of Sinister design but his leg doesn't shift as fluidly as the figures before him in this wave. He lacks proper shoulder movements and no wrist swivel. To be terse with my critique in here, he is just awkward and it's hard to get him anywhere 'natural' except for "I am supreme" poses such as the one above.

All in all, he isn't a bad figure. He is probably the most disappointing one for me because I put a lot of expectation out of him. Articulation may not be elating but with great details, the figure stand included, and the BAF he is in, he is sort of a must. That and if one is really adamant about completing the 90's X-Men animated series, he is sort of a whole season bad guy. Yes, I'm aware that I'm missing the Jim Lee Cyclops in this pic. Jean Grey still fits well with X-Factor Cyclops, doesn't she? 

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