Monday, October 23, 2017

ML Space Venom BAF: Spider-Bitch

WHOA! Spider-Bitch? Well, in the grim world of Old Man Logan, this Spider-Gal is the daughter of Hawkeye and Spider-Man's youngest daughter.... Tonya Parker.... erm. Okay, let's just review the toy!

 I never had the incentive to finish this set. Though I want to get as many Spider-Verse related characters in my Spiderverse shelf. Silk is a must... but she is a freaking leg and an arm! Eventually, I'll get her since she is a big point in the Spiderverse storyline; she was created for the Spiderverse storyline, it seems. I don't know.

Now the design of Spider-Bitch isn't as revolutionary or daring as let's say Spider-Gwen. It's actually a very grounded "Spider-Man/Spider-Girl" familiar design. Though what makes her somewhat unique is her skin color, the exposure of her hair, and half of her face.

Hasbro did a good enough job copying her looks from the comic books. The color is there, the figure body is there, it's good. I won't complain about the aesthetics since Hasbro has pretty much gotten the hang of female figures, at least in terms of making them visually appealing.

BUT, this figure is lacking in accessories. THIS is the only thing you get from her! A freaking BAF piece. I don't have anything to say beyond that.

Her poseability and fun factor will all depend on what accessories you have to spruce up this figure. Since she comes with NO guns, no webbing, no stands, you get a vanilla figure with standard Hasbro articulation.

Lack of alternate hands and or face really takes away from this figure. It's like Hasbro just threw this figure together because she was 'easy' to create. Yes, this mold is recycled.

So this is an older figure; least it's not within Hasbro's release in the year. So it's a bit outdated and it suffers the whole 'lack of accessories' and thoughts department. Still, if anyone is a Spiderverse fan, this is kind of a must. She wasn't a big character in that storyline, but she was IN the storyline. And to have her as an addition, is cool and this figure doesn't do a great job representing a good figure, but at least she looks good.

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