Monday, September 25, 2017

DC Designer: Ant Lucia's Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is coming in all shapes in sizes in my collection! That's a fact! And now we have another unique take on the Joker's all too popular side kick! Bombshell themes are just as popular as your steampunk or your noir versions, and an alternate version of Harley in1940s sexy look! As for her action figure form... well let's take a look!

Not much excitement to the box, really. I don't think I'll be getting the other gals in this series anyways. So on to the figure itself!

I think it was during the turn of the Arkham Asylum game when Harley's sexualization really took flight! After that, overdrive is the word to describe her path. This lovely design is a good example of that and her action figure adaptation does her design justice! Sculpting is amazing! For the most part, the figure does a fine job distinguishing skin from clothing. I especially love the details of her jacket the most; definitely, makes it look like some top-gun-like material.

While it plays a theme to the whole 'bombshell' (while making her look sexy too), it still pays homage to the things that make Harley Quinn recognizable. Of course with that said, the paint is clean. No sloppy lines, nothing out of place, and a good indication of a clean paint job is the beauty in her face.

We all know that Harley Quinn has to be beautiful, but this one is lovely. She has a bit more of a mature face than I am used to, but it has that crazy but innocent smile. So she's sculpted with the right curves, the pretty face, the right color, and some provocative clothing... well, let's talk about her accessories.

A makeshift mallet. A cork gun. Some hands (a peace sign?). It's as good enough for a set of accessories. More could be desired, but this is good.

Her mallet is pretty cool for what it is. It's not a natural mallet but a barrel that she seemed to have made on her own. Her gun is a cork gun that we are used to seeing Harley carry.

As far as articulation goes, Harley can do some pretty good things to create some awesome shots. She's nimble when she has to be and I didn't have any problems getting her into poses that I thought was appropriate for Harley. One thing to note is that her hair is not articulated. In fact, I thought it was and glad I did not go through with that plan. It is too fragile and it barely hangs there that it might rip if accidentally pulled the wrong way.

If it's not obvious, I had a blast taking photos of this Harley. All of the pose that I wanted to put her in came out so well and natural.

And here's the Bombshell Harley in my new Harley Quinn shrine. Man, this is growing! And not to mention that I know I have 3 more on the way!

In conclusion, I love this figure. I love how she looks, her articulation, and the idea of her. It's definitely Harley Quinn with a bit of a blast to the past scheme! Stands out as a good figure within my growing ranks of Harleen. If anyone is thinking about buying her, do so with little worry about not getting a good figure as well as a an awesome Harley Quinn paraphernilia. 

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