Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fanfic: Spider-Woman

Every movement adds friction that causes Jessica to let out groans through the object wedged between her lips. Tried as she might have, she can’t seem to find any position that would alleviate the strain of the ropes that are sawing through the material of her costume. Like webbing, ropes have slithered all over her, capturing her every form, detaining the most simplest movements of her limbs, and rendering her completely immobile. If it’s not for the sake of keeping her helpless, the ropes are also intricately weaved all over her body in a way that highlights every womanly assets that she has. Part of her truly feels that the way the ropes are crisscrossing all over her upper body, the way it encircles her breasts and forcing their form to be more rounded, the way the rope trails around her naval and slides down on her crotch, and of course the way her legs are forced to be awkwardly spread out in a frog tie position, these things further establish the idea that she isn’t just to be detained, she is for some perverted artistic pleasure. Left in some unknown location and lying on some kind of make shift webbing; Jessica knows that her fate is far more cruel than just mere death.

"HENNO?!" She cries out through the metal like gag that was placed between her lips. "COMEFOUU?! ANUONE?!!!! WHAP UO UOU WANP?!"

The only thing that replies to her are her own incoherent cries which echoes through the mysterious open space that she is being held in. Waiting for a few moments until her own voice is no longer reverberating among the open space, Jessica tries for the fiftieth time to try and break the ropes that are holding her hostage. She is Spider-Woman with or without the mask. She is an Avenger. She has been part of the reason why the universe is safe against the evil that threatens it. Breaking through simple rope, despite how meticulous and organized it is tied should always be a cakewalk to her. Flexing her arms and pushing out her chest, Jessica tries fervently to pull her arms apart and perhaps by pushing out her upper body, her super strength would snap the ropes as she has done in the past, though to her dismay she is greeted with the same result as before: defeat. Biting on her gag, Jessica slumps back down, showing an obvious case of hopelessness as the ropes further tightens against her struggle. Her hands are effectively bound behind her that any attempt to pick on the knots proves to be more detrimental than helpful. What’s even more humiliating than meeting a stronger inanimate foe is that feeling of the rope that is threaded between her womanhood. The awkward feeling of pain and… something else hounds her with every flinch and every minor movement. Then of course there is that strange beeping on the strange metal piece that is acting like her gag that makes things even more intimidating. What is it? A bomb? A pain apparatus that activates if she struggles too much? Is it the reason why her super strength is completely negated? Or is it simply just a fancy gag her captors chose to use?

The better question is, how did she get here? The moment she woke up, Jessica didn’t have a slightest idea as to why she is here like this. Looking into her mask that was ripped out of her face and graciously placed beside her, Jessica could almost see the shame of Spider-Woman within the white eyes of her mask.

“For the glory. For God.”

Those words reverberate in her mind… It was her own voice that keeps speaking in her mind… What glory? And why would God wish this upon her?

Another fan fiction with a picture provided by no other than Kachima! This will probably be short and will have a lot of tie ins with a CERTAIN Marvel Event. Here's to hoping and homage to the writing spark! 

And of course, please visit Kachima's page for more of his fantastic D.I.D. art work!

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