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No rush

It’s better to wait at the traffic light than to get hit speeding through as it changes to red. It’s better to take the time and do the job right than to rush through and get it wrong.
Before jumping ahead to what’s next, get the full value out of what’s now. Don’t give up your quality experience of the present in a futile attempt to get yourself more quickly into the future.
Time spent waiting never has to be a waste. You can always make it into a valuable opportunity.
That’s because the value of each moment is not dependent on where you are or what activity you’re engaged in. The value of your life in each moment comes from the value you choose to give it.
If you’re in such a hurry to get somewhere else, you lose the ability to give your best to where you are. Slow down, stop rushing and start putting real quality, substance and richness into whatever moment you’re in.
Instead of being a slave to the clock, be a master of your own beautiful experience. Your life right now is much too valuable to speed past, so treasure this very moment in this very place, and make it great.
— Ralph Marston




Is it truly the journey of the future that will bring TRUE meaning to 'everything'? Or is it in the past… the times when things felt exuberantly real rather than hopes and maybes?

I'm learning… or am I diluting myself? Questions.

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