Monday, April 17, 2017

ML Sandman BAF: Spider-UK

It's been some time since I have had my hands on a Marvel Legends; ending that long hiatus on Hasbro's line is a Spiderverse individual: Spider-UK. While he wasn't the most interesting of the Spiderverse crew, he was one of the most essential. I also like the way they made his costume unique but very familiar within the theme of Peter Parker's blue and red duds. Let's check out William Braddock's Marvel Legends form, shall we(Yes, Braddock. Betsy Braddock. Brian Braddock)?

Standard box. But as you can see from this, the "accessory" already takes almost half the box.

I was hoping I'd find the 2099 Spidey though! Again, this is more or less to build my Spiderverse shelf!

Right off the get go I will point out that this is a brand new mold. I believe it was introduced on this wave with Spider-UK and (new)Spider-Man 2099. It's not a bad mold and it's not as skinny as the usual Spider-Man molds we have received in the past. While it works fairly well for a 'not regular' Spider-Man, I do think that they need to adust the 'wrinkled' material detail on his body; ex: on his arms and legs. Spider-Men who typically follow the mold of a Spider-man base USUALLY wear tights. Having lose tights beats the idea of.... tights.

For the most part the paint that we have for him is clean. I do like the distinguishable Brittain flag emblem on his torso. The unique Spider logo on his back is pretty cool. While there are a few imperfections on the paint, I'd say for the most part he stays consistent. It also helps that he does lack some paint job, as expected.

One very detailed BAF piece is all he gets. I am not getting this Sandman so this doesn't do anything for me. Good job Hasbro on the lack of accessories!

Now as I always mention in my figure reviews that has to do with Hasbro, it's hard to get into a photoshoot when there is a lot to yearn for; lack of accessories and various hands really does take away from this figure. And with Hasbro yet to try and poke at the idea of giving these web-heads some web effects, then I will just have to surmise that we will keep getting lackluster Spider-man accessories.

Range of movement wise, for a new mold, he does retain most of what we expect from the familiar molds. The one thing that is odd about him is that there are some shoulder issues that I can't seem to get full range for him to bring his arms up from the side. Basically, I can't seem to make him form a 'T', which for some poses I was trying to accomplish is rather disappointing. But without those extra hands or any accessory like that, I was pretty much lacking something anyways.

All in all, it's not that great of a figure, but it's a neat addition to my Spiderverse shelf. If I didn't enjoy the Spiderverse story line so much, I probably would have skipped out on this figure altogether.

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