Friday, December 30, 2016

DC Entertainment: Harley Quinn(Suicide Squad)

I will not pay a huge amount of money for a special collector's edition of a Bluray release. What you get for the extra few bucks usually does not entice me; a hard case cover, some printouts, etc. Not my style, that is of course until I saw that this lovely thing was going to be the 'extra' that is attached to the Blu-ray release of DC's Suicide Squad. It's no secret that I do like the Cinematic appearance of Harley Quinn. While some of the qualms of fans are valid and I do agree with, I can't say that I can completely disregard this version of her because Margo Robbie played her quite well. Sex appeal high, yes, but the character portrayal is as good as you are going to get. So... how does a high price point statue/Blu-ray fit my geekdom? Let's find out!

It's more like a Harley Quinn statue with a bonus Blu-ray of Suicide Squad, to be honest with you. If you are familiar with the size of a standard Bluray case, then you know that this size comparison definitely states which item is sought out for. There's a variant of Will Smith Deadshot that one can purchase but seriously... who is the main attraction of the movie? Enchantress and her dancing can come to close second. HA!

So right from the get-go I'm just going to talk about just how awesome this statue is. Details. Plenty of it! Anyone who got a kick out of Harley Quinn's costume in the movie will definitely appreciate ever detail this statue has to offer. The way the molding just replicated every piece of her clothing, the wrinkles, the rips, the way it adjusts to her body, it's almost too real when looking at it from certain angles. Too real and very accurate to Robbie Margo's appearance as the ever so popular jester of the DC universe. Say what one will about the costume, as far as the action figure goes, one has to really admire just how accurate this statue takes it.

Everything about this figure is sculpted, down to the very detail of her hair. The only thing that isn't and I would have preferred it to be are her fishnets. They are 'cloth' that are draped on her legs and seamed at the back, which looks god awful. Well, not that bad but takes away from the statue.

The paint on this is amazing! Again another movie-accurate job well done and it definitely captures Harley Quinn's appearance(though the face isn't that accurate, but still pretty). The bright pink and blue tints on her blonde hair, the vibrant red and blue jacket, the flesh tones, the makeup, and then the way her accessories are painted (the choker, the bracelets, the belt, her footwear), definitely makes it realistic and a good contrast to the rest of the figure. And speaking of painted details:

The tattoos are painted clean and it's even dark enough to be seen through the fishnets! Her fingernails also have writing that this statue made sure it captured. Something I wasn't able to get a good pic of was the tattoo on her back, which was also well done.

The paint on her bat is also a stellar job done! And not exactly paint detail, but the writing on the back of her jacket is sculpted and it's well appreciated. Even if I think Joker's decision of outerwear for her is kind of... abrasive and crude, but it's Joker, right? Why did I even bring that up?

The posture is something to gawk over for plenty of reasons. And while we're at it, the gun that is holstered is also sculpted well! This posture made sure it showed it off without taking away from the way she is "modeling".

As one would expect from a modern day Harley Quinn, she is provocative and still manages to exude that badassery(I hate that seam so much! Okay not that much). The way her hip is cocked to her left, holding the bat over her shoulder, then with that eerily calm smile.... definitely is a sexy looking figure even if it's a little far away from an exact copy of Margot Robbie(face wise). I'm going to let a few thousand words do the talking for me:

And something I have yet to showcase is her stand:

Along with the "rotten", the bat, and the heart symbol, I guess now's the time to check out Harley's unorthodox, but stylish boots/heels... makes one wonder how she can be so agile with that damn thing. Anyways, the logo is regularly used for promotions when Harley is being shown with the DCU Suicide Squad. Aside from the jester symbol on the handle of her gun, I don't think of Harley too much when I see the symbol. But all in all, it's a good stand; heavy and firm, something that really keeps the statue standing up.

Just to show how tall this figure is, here she is next to two Bishoujo Harley I have in my collection: my most recent one, The New 52 and then, of course, The Classic. These two are by no means small statues, more like average, and then we have the towering Suicide Harley Quinn in the back! Definitely a tall figure, thus the price. And just while we are here, it's cool to see these renditions of Harley: Original Animated, Somewhat Recent Comic Book, and then the Movie version of her. The only thing I am missing is her popular Akrham City version(which I might still get).

All in all, if you can't tell, I love this statue. It is a pricey one, and the gimmick came with a Bluray, which is a win-win. If you have the cash to fork and you are a big time Harley Quinn Movie fan, or just a Harley Quinn fan in general, this statue has a lot to offer. I couldn't simply type out everything of how much I adore this piece. I LOVE it. Sure there are some flaws like it doesn't resemble Margot as much as it should and that annoying seam in the back, but all in all, it's a great piece! Just telling you right now, she might very well be the winner of the statue of 2016.

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