Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good Smile Company: Nendroid Elsa

Here we are with an import Elsa figure! While I'm not entirely familiar with this company, apparently my Figma Mikasa is also a 'Good Smile' figure... but with Figma? I am not entirely sure how that works. Maybe Good Smile is akin to "Hasbro" and Legends is the sub category(like this one being "Nendroid" and Mikasa's sub category is Figma? I don't know). Anyways, this figure of Elsa was a must for me. Chibi cute and all, how does she fare compared to the other cuteness that I own of the lovely Snow Queen? Let's find out!

Don't let the miniature Elsa fool you to thinking that the box itself is tiny because it's not. Out of all the imports that I have bought from this kind of 'genre', Nendroid Elsa has the biggest box! Seriously. She matches the size of some of my Bishoujo boxes! Neat box though and definitely goes in the same line as Figmas, Figuarts, and Revoltechs(kind of Revoltechs).

Now if we are talking about the figure itself, she is adorable beyond belief! Chibi forms always fits Elsa and what's even more amazing is that despite her being a 'miniature' version of herself, this figure still captured some of the details that makes Elsa, Elsa. We'll talk about facial expressions soon enough but the cape is what truly got the said details I'm enamored about(the rest of her isn't so bad, but I'm impressed with what they managed to retain with her cape). The snow flake insignias are all intact along with the flashy glittery look that made Elsa stand out in the mediocre movie she's from. Then of course her hair is also well done. The coloring of course is immaculate; what imports are known for after all. One can't mistake that this is a traditional Elsa coloring.

If we are talking about accessories, this chibi Elsa comes with a decent amount.

First accessory is Olaf. Now as you know, I'm not entirely the biggest fan of Olaf since I think he is just wasted space, but I do have to say since he is a representation of Elsa and Anna's childhood bond, him as canon isn't refutable at all. Him as an accessory for Elsa, I am not really complaining either. He comes with his own stance, his head and arms have swivels for pose ability, and he has that creepy big snow man smile!

Elsa comes with a stand as well, one that she really doesn't need to help her stand since she is pretty balanced. This is just a neat addition though since it represents the area of her castle that she first 'built' by stomping on the snow. It also has her traditional snowflake symbol. The cool blue color definitely mirrors her Ice Castle that she is so famous for! Along with this, Elsa comes with 3 pairs of arms, a 'snowflake' show of her powers prop, and 3 faces. I'll delve into the arms and snowflake as we go but first lets' talk about the faces.

This is Elsa's signature look. The 'cocked eyebrow'-'oh really' look. Can't have an Elsa with alternate faces without this one in the mix. This is probably my favorite expression she has in this figure.

The 'calm' happy Elsa look. So adorable with it all anime'ish; big round eyes and big smile.

This is the over joyed face. I honestly believe this is the 'Here I stand' face when she is walking with that swagger of hers with her arms open, announcing to the world just how frekaing hott she is. Of course this version is just cute and not sexy; can't have a chibi figure be "that kind of sexy", can we?

I don't think I took a good picture to showcase this certain accessory. It's not bad and if it's the only flaunting accessory we have for her to show off her Snow Queen powers, then I'm happy with it. It stays well in her hand and the transparent background almost makes it look like it's actually floating. Nicely done. Still, this is a pretty well known pose so I think it's safe to say we have all seen this before whether through the official images and/or fan arts.

I can't actually properly judge her on her articulation because this isn't a typical import figure with all the perks of being able to pose with "ease" to replicate action scenes from the characters' respected movie/show/video game. Elsa is a chibi form therefore her poses are limited to what her variant arms and faces provides. Though that shouldn't be a factor if you are an Elsa fan and believe it or not, there are more than enough poses to make this one just plain adorable. Her head moves and can actually look up and down, side to side thanks to the standard 'joints' that import figures provide. Her arms, though limited, can actually move! She has hip swivel and her tiny legs can move somewhat. Basically, this Nendroid surprised me with what she can do! No I wasn't exactly expecting her to be able to do the splits since she didn't really do that in the movie. Actually, I didn't expect a lot of articulation form this figure and I'm amazed at what I am given.

Speaking of, here's Nendroid Elsa next to her POP and Grand Jester Bust. All three doing the traditional 'snowflake' pose!

And here she is next to the other Snow Queen related Elsa figures that I own(one that isn't a doll LOL!).

Random note. The Elsa Infinity and the Olaf accessory from this figure goes really well together height wise! It's funny though that Olaf is more articulated than Elsa.

And this is my Elsa mini shelf that is slowly starting to run out of room. If they make a Coronation outfit version of this Nendroid then I'm really doomed in regards to this shelf!

In conclusion, I think this Elsa figure is adorable and well worth the price. She offers a lot more than I expected and definitely coincides with her movie counterpart, just in a mini and cuter version(cuter as in lacking the sex appeal that Elsa usually has). Would I want a 'real' import version where she is in her 'regular' shape and all that? Yes of course! If the chibi version of Elsa delivers this much, imagine a regular version of her! Come on Figma and/or Figuarts! You guys will make some cash producing one of the Snow Queen! I guarantee it! 

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