Friday, April 17, 2015

Sega(?) Statues: Rei Ayanami

Let's take a break form Marvel altogether and check out the anime avenue, shall we? Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of Rei Ayanami from the Neon Genesis Evangelion, but there was something very enticing about this figurine that caught my attention! If it isn't obvious just from first glance then I am going to surmise that you are brand new to my blog. Regardless, let's just review things thing, shall we?

So apparently "Sega" made this piece which strikes me odd since when I think of Sega, I think of video games like Sonic and the likes. To hear that they have a hand in figurines is a bit of odd new idea, but here we are. The box itself isn't strikingly attracting; there are some cool little homages in there and the yellow tape does concur with Rei's police woman outfit. Oh, and there is an Asuka figure, but for some reason, she isn't getting the same treatment as Rei.

When I think of Rei Ayanami, I think of the lackluster, stoic, and ominous Evangelion pilot that Shinji(the bitch) seems to have his eyes set on despite having a fiery (and a bitchy) red headed russian girl ogling over him--for some strange reason. Though what this Rei Ayanami statue delivers is different from how I usually see Rei, obvious by the 'sexy' police uniform and her unusual position to be handcuffed to a pole and standing rather sensually despite her humiliating position.


The one thing that really gets me about the posture is that it makes Rei stand out in a sexy way. She never really was that kind in the anime(both Rebuild and original) since she was a bit of a 'doll'-like persona. This figurine shows what could possibly be Rei's sex appeal with both posture and the blue outfit that adorns her lithe body. Of course the fact that she is in bondage accentuates the idea of her charms, doesn't it?

There is something to be said about the position she is in. I'm more than willing to gamble that the handcuffs are hers and yet Rei finds herself on the receiving end of it. How is that? Why is that? What this figurine implies is more than sensual for someone who has my own taste. The expression on her face is classic Rei, but with a bit more ... hmm... submissive and humiliated look to it. Again, something that I truly think is enticing about the whole idea of this.

And just because I am a pervert, we will scrutinize her bonds. The platform as well, the road or what not is... well it's an awesome addition. Here's another great little addition that draws the whole Evangelion picture aside from Rei:

I don't understand the writing, but I will say that it's Eva Unit 01. Wish I knew what it said. Oh well, let's look at the figurine some more!

At the end of the day, I didn't think I'd get a Rei statue willingly, but because this one has a few attracting qualities, here I am. Don't get me wrong, if there was an Asuka version of this(her being in distress), I would've bought it in a heart beat, but alas, hers wasn't as enamoring. Well, it was since it's Asuka, but you know, where do I put another Asuka?

Speaking of Asuka, Rei will get her space with Chibi Mikasa, Yuna, and this lovely Asuka figure! 

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