Friday, April 17, 2015

POP: Iron Man Mark 43(Age of Ultron)

Let's take a break from Marvel Legends, shall we? So what do we have here? A POP! None other than Iron Man wearing his armor from the upcoming movie Avengers 2 aka Age of Ultron. It's been a while since I've gotten one of these so I suppose now is the perfect time to break that streak.

POPs are also one of those that can be easily displayed inside their box if one wants to. I decided to take mine out for obvious reasons. Oh and the rest of the crew are all there along with new comer Vision(no Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch yet) and a 6 inch Hulkbuster!!!!!

I'm assuming that this is the 66th POP on the Marvel line. There are a whole lot of them and unfortunately, I don't have the room or the funds to collect them all.

Iron Man MK 43's head is fitting for the theme that POP usually has! It's gargantuan in comparison to the rest of his body and it's part of its charm! He's also a bobble head, mind you. And right of the get go, the details on him are astounding for his size! Just have to love the vibrant mix of the metallic red and gold!

Since his posture is in 'engage in flight mode' pose, his positioning for his hands are relatively the same thus no big difference on either profile side of him.

His back side offers more view of the 'blue flame' special affects that are coming out of his repulsor palms and his jet boots. This is a rather unique touch of POP that I have seen since usually they are stagnant on their own two feet. Nice little touch and highly appreciated!

Deadpool, Daryl Dixon, Elsa, Classic Iron Man
Speaking of POP, here he is next to my other POPs! There seems to be a trend on the Marvel POPs since only Daryl and Elsa are NOT bobble heads. Though as I pointed out earlier, only Age of Ultron Iron Man has that special flying affect going on about him.

Overall he is a great catch! I'm not the biggest collector of POPs but the ones that I do find that are awesome I take the time and money to make sure it's in my collection. There are a few more in the horizon that is a must for me, so let this be a good sign that the others will be accessible soon enough! 

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