Friday, January 27, 2017

Canon pt. V

We are the last, you know. Just you and me. As it should have been in the beginning. The ones that followed were just nuisances; insipid characters whose roles weren't even supposed to be in the term "Victorious Vixens". You and I are canon, you and I are definitive, it was always supposed to be you and me.

How long it has been...

And you and I will always be the ones that defined the roles that everyone claimed they played when in essence, they were playing a game to gain their own standings in a world not their own.

So here we are after years of trials and tribulations. Here we are still here. Still there.

For what it is worth, I will always thank you for trying despite your flaws. For enduring despite your own fears. For being there despite limitations. For being you, for your patience, and for the fact that you tried to be honest despite your avarice.

I cannot full reprimand you for your mistakes for I made my own. What matters now is that when the storm ended, you and I are still here. Meant to cross each others' path for a reason.

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