Saturday, January 28, 2017

POP: Batgirl(BTAS)

Just to break the trend of Marvel related POP, we will introduce Batgirl in her BTAS POP version! Just as I remember Barbara Gordon when she was Batgirl! Nostalgic and awesome all at the same time!

This wave has a lot of awesome blast from the past characters. I will probably skip out on most of them, but a couple are tempting.

The unfortunate thing is that I have some QCs on mine (notice some of the paint imperfection, or maybe the plastic).But regardless, it's still a good POP. She's not a bobble head either so her head is pretty stable.

Her color scheme is every bit of an homage to her cartoon counterpart. One look from any Batman fan and they can immediately point out who this Batgirl is supposed to be. And look at that sassy stance too!

Classic colors. Sexy pose. Awesome addition to the POP army I am creating. Definitely enjoying this Batgirl in my collection. 

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