Sunday, December 18, 2016

ML Juggernaut BAF: Rogue

This is one of the highly anticipated figures of 2016, and why wouldn't it be? Rogue's Jim Lee look has always been a fan favorite. Heck, this propelled her into popularity when she was sporting it in the 90s animated series of X-Men. So why did it take us this long to get a modern Marvel Legends of her? With that said, was it worth the wait? Let's see.

Definitely a familiar box from a familiar wave. Again, I don't find myself completing this wave because I'm not in the mood to own another Wolverine figure, though I do want that Pheonix and Cable. Still, I'm not much for owning plastic fodder to add into my collection (Havok).

Rogue is one sexy piece. The mold they used on her (ironically, though predictably, they used the Ms. Marvel mold on her, which fits since that is Hasbro's GO TO mold when it comes to busty, sexy, "average" women figures; not that Spider-Woman is average). While we are all familiar with the mold, I do like Hasbro's added sculpts on her jacket, the belt, and the boots. The hair is also an excellent piece, which does wonders to truly represent the southern beauty's brunette locks.

For me, one of the highlights of this figure is the paint. While typical Hasbro to not add any shadowing,  the color combination that makes Rogue stand out eased in well in her figure rendition. The metallic-shiny green with the more dull yellow does fit well and the dark brown leather jacket fits in real well; the red "X" on her completes the uniform.

Speaking of paint, the face is done spectacularly as well. While not truly an uncanny resemblance to the  Rogue I picture, it has a nice paint detail like her blush, the white streak with the brunette on the hair, the lips are well done, and the eyes aren't terrible. Again, definitely a pretty face.

Now we already know that the accessory department falls short, but the small homage to Rogue's powers with the alternate ungloved hand is appreciated. Not much, but hey, it's something. Then we have that huge BAF piece.

Her articulation department comes to no surprise to me. It is a standard female mold for Hasbro so nothing really new that is brought on the table. But man is she dying for a flight stand. Without the innovative accessories and that hard hair sculpt, dyanmics are hard ot come by. Though it can still be attained here and there.

Definitely is a pretty thing to pose around, that I can say for sure.

As a highly sought out figure, I was flabbergasted that I just found her at retail. My incentive to complete the set increasingly dropped through the months and with her in my collection, I don't have that much incentive to get Juggernaut completed. Maybe to purchase the BAF by itself, but completion through figure collection? No not really. Again, some of the figures in the set are just not appealing and mere plastic fodder.

In conclusion, I definitely like this figure. No real WOW factors, but I can truly state that she might be a good competitor in the "Marvel Legends" of the year. Even if one does not want to complete Juggernaut, she is part of the famous 90s animated series line up so ... get her

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