Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Damsel of the Month:


Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock

Series: X-Men, X-Force

A manip by ticklemecastro
Some words: One of the hottest female leads of X-Men is none other than Psylocke herself! A convoluted character who is a brit stuck in a kunoichi's body! How bizarre. Regardless of her origin, Betsy does have a history of sexiness and for her to gain the role for April is quite fitting(considering she was just casted for the new X-Men movie coming up!). And regardless if her cinematic universe appearance has been stapled this month or not, I had a feeling that Psylcoke was going to join the ranks in here sooner than later. She has been one of my all time favorite gals a close second to Spider-Woman and believe me, that is saying a lot! A killer face and bod, sexy outfit, and she's a ninja... what else sexy quality does she have that gains her the role in here?

Believe it or not, as much as I deem her great to be as a damsel, Psylocke has very few treatments in the web and what we do get, are good... but we need more. But no need to spoil the milk, let's just enjoy some of these pics!

Before she was transferred over to this hott asian body, Betsy had psychic powers, which is probably part of the reason why she gained the name of 'Psylocke'. Obvious when she gained her kunoichi body, she also gained the fighting prowess of Revanche(the former owner of the body), which also enhanced her ability to use her psychic powers with her signature 'psi-knife'. She remained to be one of the most prominent members of the X-Men and have had relationships with more than none member (I believe Wolverine is included along with an alternate version of Sabertooth), but her love with Archangel is probably the most popular one out of all. I've always been a big fan of the couple to be honest!

another one from LegendarySid
Over the years, Psylocke gained some minor costume changes here and there, though she wore her 'famous' bikini ninja outfit for a long time with some very minor changes. She gained the red mark on her left eye after being revived... I forgot the purpose and how she got rid of it to be honest. It wasn't until the X-Force days(quite recently) that she actually gained a costume change. And I'm not talking about her overall color change, I'm talking about a major haul costume change as seen in this picture that I commissioned:

None other than Sharpffffff
It's a nice change to be honest and way better than her other X-Force outfit with Cable. She wore this one in the all female X-Men run, and I believe she still wears this costume. Her powers also seemed to have developed with the coming of this costume as she can now create constructs and not just Psi-knives.

She also donned the traditional X-Men uniform once in a while; this picture is courtesy of Like A Butterfly page dedicated to Psylcoke.

While her Deadpool video game costume wasn't a big difference, it was still a hit. She was rather sexy in that game. Though Speaking of Deadpool...

Though her blue costume seems to be the hit in the bondage community.

Link me someone?! I forgot the source of this
Seems to fit underwater peril too it seems.

And flogging.


And of course just like any other sexy damsel, Psylocke shares the rope time!

commission of Gagem(original artist on his page)
Another LegendarySid
And here are some oddball distress scene of her.

Link me please?!
Not much into tentacle bondage, but that one is sexy.

of course, Sleepy-comics
So I suppose it wasn't a bad collection. I intend to add more to Betsy's distress and I'm sure others will contribute, but I don't think it was that bad. I'm adding a fanfic of her as it is so I'm sure her images in her distress department is not over. All in all... it was a great month and Psylocke definitely won this bout(or lost it.... who knows).

Until next month!

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