Sunday, November 24, 2013

Figma: Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka has become popular within the last few months in my eyes. From a series called Fate/Stay Night(an anime that I am still getting myself familiar with), a lot of things about Rin is indeed noteworthy to capture my attention. It also did her attraction level some points that Figma was once again kind enough to supply us with their own adaptation of Rin. So without further adieu…

The box is a standard Figma designed box. But just like all Figma figure box it's touched up with the anime's zest. For this case, the transparent front has a Magus(? Is it Rin's? I'm not sure, again my knowledge of the anime is very VERY minimal) insignia on it which makes it that much more alluring. Side of the box has a picture of the figure doing certain poses and the back of the box just displaying some of the minor things one can have Rin do to capture some of the anime related action scenes. Opening the box, one is treated with another standard Figma signature with their action figures: the ziploc bags for the accessories, and the alternate hands holder. The figure of course comes with a stand that I didn't bother to display since it is the same thing as Yukiko's; and which I assume would be standard for most Figma figures(of course Asuka and Mari got different versions to pay homage to their Plugsuit designs).

Rin is one of those characters that have that kind of outfit that isn't completely out there for an anime. It's simple, realistic, and sexy. I've mentioned before that her attire is what got my eyes looking at Rin so when Figma kept the details intact, I was more than elated. Like Yukiko, her skirt isn't much of an impediment to her articulation, but it isn't as pliable so certain poses aren't as 'natural' for Rin. Painting is great as well, so no qualms with that.

Moving on to the accessories, Rin is the first I have come across with an entire arm alternate. It's probably safe to say that all Figma heroines will have their distinct accessory because of the nature of the character. Rin's is her left arm sleeve rolling up and magic pervading all over her arm. Don't remember seeing this in the movie, but I'm sure in the anime It will be a bit more prominent.

Face wise, I'm a bit disappointed that Rin only comes with two. Her 'stoic' and 'stern' expression and the 'look to the corner-angry-yelling' face. I was hoping she would have a happy or an embarrassed one. It would dubiously make sure that there are more pose options for her with one more face(at least).  Regardless, hands alternate feels like the standard number for a Figma figure. On the hands 'holder' there are usually four pair of hands(eight total) and then one or two loose ones depending on the character. Rin has her own special hand alternates as well as hand gestures that fits her moves or what not. Again I will redundantly point out that another alternate face or perhaps a better angry face would've added some more flavor in this figure. Not the biggest fan of the 'angered' face supplied with this figure; though from what I have gathered, this is one of Figma's earlier figures so it's not as refined as the last three I bought.

Rin comes with two different daggers(why I have two of the same one, I'll explain in a bit). The picture above is her more likable one. It has good details and it's more of the 'realistic' weapon that she holds.

Her second dagger is an 'enchanted' one. From what I can gather through the sculpt work is that its an energy blade. The transparent choice for the 'blade' is a good idea. Though the sculpting could use a bit more work to make it look more 'intimidating'. The handle is a bit bland and almost finished in a sloth like manner. Not my favorite dagger out of the two obviously.

I'd rather not get hit with the one on her right. The left one… err...

Articulation wise, Rin has what Figma is known for. With or without the stand, her leg and feet articulation gives her the ability to stand easily for much less dynamic pose such as standing, walking, fighting stance, or just being sassy. From hands to arms, Rin can also perform a lot of her anime/movie hand movements and all alternate hands have the norm up and down wrist movements. For her hair, that's where the articulation got me the first purchase. And yes, you read right. The reason why I have two of the same daggers for Rin is that I have two Rins. One is headless:

The way her hair moves is NOT like Asuka's at all. Her pigtails are on separate ball joints but in my case, they DO NOT have the ability to move backwards. First one was the victim of me trying fervently to make that happen. So unless you want to pay double the price for this figure(and yes, my attempt to do the whole 'super glue' backfired on me), don't be adamant about the whole 'hair blowing in the wind' action. It's limited to what I have shown in these pics.

Besides that, I am happy with my purchase with Figma's Rin Tohsaka. Again, she is an earlier model so for me to judge her with the newer Figmas is a bit unfair. The next option for a 'better' version is a statue, and I'll skip on those for now. Of course Revoltech has their own versions of Rin and she was almost my first buy of this character but again, Figma has been beating Fraulein for me for a while now so with that said, I highly recommend this one over Revoltech; while it's not a perfect figure, it is still worth the buck!

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