Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Damsel of The Month:

Name: Rin Tohsaka

Series: Fate/Stay Night

Some Words: This will probably be the less exuberant of my Damsel Of The Month series. And no, it's not not that I am not allured by the damsel I picked because I am. Rin is a beauty. Her colors, her attire, her looks, the hair, and from the looks of things in what very little I have seen in the anime is that she has the perfect personality to capture my attention. It's simply as I have stated, my knowledge and experience with the anime is LITTLE to NONE. And with that, it's safe to bet that I have VERY little knowledge of Rin herself. And I don't.

I watched the Unlimited Blade Works movie, and from what I have read and seen, it's not the best place to get lore for the characters and the anime itself. Honestly, I DiD feel a lot of missing meat while watching it. Though it enticed me to watch the anime series in the future. Not to tangent off, but because of that movie, I got to see a bit of her personality. She is mouthy, feisty, almost like Asuka but a bit toned down.  But how capable can a damsel be with ropes and such applied on her rather 'capable' body? A good gag won't hurt either considering that a mouthy damsel equals a great silenced vocal one!

Sadly, I don't have enough of her damsel portrayals(The one in Unlimited is quite alluring despite it missing a gag!) to log in. The story of the anime is indeed interesting to say the least and does have some pave way for some D.i.D.'ing; wonder if she gets a better treatment in the anime! Though the fans of the genre would definitely concoct their own aesthetic visuals of ropes and such, right? But since the show is based off of magic, I wonder if the ropes drawn/applied on her are somewhat coated with magical elements? Or perhaps she is just cajoled to stay in her bondage and have the will to feel helpless! Maybe that's too much thinking on my part!

Lost One Zero
I was always enamored by the way Loz would frequently use a damsel's own apparel as a means of a gag or binder. At this case, Rin's own knee high socks are used to silence her. Humiliation and enticing, of course!

by: D-Mitzon from deviant art

Okay so to talk about her clothing, basically, without any previous knowledge of this said character, I found myself attracted to her. I mean come on, red, black, short skirt and knee high socks! That is a key element for some sensual and hott bondage scenes! Not to mention one can really dive into fanfic/fanart bondage libido with that clothing! Her face and hair style also adheres to the said genre.

Non Blindfold

Rin is also a pretty attracting name for reasons that are far more sentimental than I can let out. But even without words, the bondage scene we are allotted through fan art are enamoring enough to say the least.

Again, if you are looking for character information, my Damsel of the Month isn't the best place for it. And as I have said before, Rin Tohsaka isn't my best anime girl just yet so my knowledge is really lacking. But I do know a good damsel when I see one. And apparently, so does others! Christmas month next time, so who to take that slot of Ho HO HO? But until then…

Struggle away, Rin. xD

Almost panty shot there……

Keep in mind, this guy's name is "Shinji"

And just like all good things, it has to come at end some time, right?

She didn't struggle that much to cause strain on her wrists, but she did play the good damsel and does the 'tend to the rope burns' gesture!

Don't worry Rin, some pictures are 'eternal', and not to mention, fanart does magic to fix what you didn't get:

Thank you Kalindorf

So in that case…. struggle away, Rin. xD Very thankful for you being around! Perhaps Fate will have you Stay bound for the night… or more nights. Wishful thinking. =)

And a bit more crude pic but...

Oh in regards to the movie, it threw some fan service for us DiD fans. Rin and Saber both get their treatment. Saber's isn't as alluring but…

It insinuated enough things, let me tell you…. Anyways! Who is worthy of Christmas time?!

Til then!

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