Monday, November 28, 2016

ML Dormamu BAF: Nico Minoru

The first time I saw this set, my eyes went directly to Nico Minoru and Enchantress. Yes, I know I have an affinity for female characters, but hey, what can I say? Beyond that, I can truly confirm what I said back then that there is a lot of work put into this figure. Obscure character and someone who truly got some love from Hasbro! So let's check her out!

They usually pick top notch artist for the boxes and this one is truly an awesome one. Though Nico doesn't look as young and Japanese in this picture as she should be. Still a great artwork, though.

I'm going to jump into the accessories for the reason that she has an alternate arm as an accessory that really adds some flare to her aesthetics. Said arm, the purple translucent variant is also accurate to the character and her powers. She also comes with her staff and a magic effect with it. The magenta/purple color is the same as her alternate arm, which keeps consistent with her magical characteristics. While she doesn't have a lot of accessories, all things considered, they are awesome enough to raise Nico's fun factor by a couple of notches! Oh, and she comes with Dormamu's crotch. Yes, that's right.

Right off the get go, there are plenty of things to like about this figure. Other than a cute magical goth chick, Nico's ensemble transferred well into action figure form. While I'm more than positive that this mold is a reused one (Spider-Girl, Jubilee, etc), the added sculpt of her boots, the skirt, the corset, the alternate arm truly makes her unique.

In fact, with those added sculpts make her seem like a brand new mold altogether. The face is also pretty; I mean, she is pretty. She doesn't resemble Nico as the Japanese sorceress as we know her in the comic books, but she is pretty enough. That hair is pretty spunky too!

Her color scheme is as goth as they come and Hasbro pulled it off with the right amount of purple, black, and bright purple. And one cannot have the gothic thing going on without the black lipstick! The one thing about Nico is that she has details in some of her paint job that truly highlights the sculpting done, like the lacey 'sleeves' on her shoulder. Again, this figure is just magnificent aesthetically and I can't complain a whole lot about Hasbro's efforts that much this time around!

Her articulation is nothing to get enamored with but it is something that we can expect. With the figure being aesthetically satisfying and the variations in posing one can do with her alternate arm and the special effect on her staff, it truly was an awesome photoshoot!

As I said, I enjoyed the shoot so much that I took the liberty of snapping as much as I can!

In conclusion, Hasbro did an amazing job with her! Definitely a hit! With an awesome obscure character, nice sculpting and attention to details, and with the limited accessory she has adding more flare than normal, Nico Minoru is for sure the highlight of the wave for me. Even if one isn't trying to complete the set, she is a must for anyone who are into Marvel's magical characters. 

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